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Review of the reliable Yahoo! web hosting options on the ArtQuotes portal online.

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Yahoo! is a major brand on the Internet and has to protect the reputation of the company by providing quality products and services. That means that if Yahoo! offered a service like website hosting and were always having problems with downtime, it would reflect badly on their overall brand.

Thankfully they do their best to protect the quality of the Yahoo! brand online by offering web hosting that is both reliable and affordable to the average Webmaster or artist. has been hosted with several other hosting companies that did not even come close to the service and reliability that Yahoo has provided. Our first host felt like it was down more than it was online, even though they claimed to be online 99.9% of the time every year! So moving to Yahoo! web hosting was a smart move for us as they REALLY do seem to have our website online 99.9% of the time.

Yahoo! Web Hosting offers a range of pricing options that have very generous disk space and bandwidth allowances available. hosts quite a few large images online as we have many portfolios of artists, and we get quite a reasonable amount of daily traffic, yet we still have plenty of room to grow with Yahoo's generous hosting plans.

They also have a comprehensive knowledge base and Webmaster tools available for those that are just starting out and/or are technically challenged (like many artists, including myself seem to be).

Find out more about Reliable web hosting from Yahoo! Web Hosting Website online.

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