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art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide art quotes news archives - October 2003

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Friday, Oct 31
::: Feature Article :::
Forgeries 'make up 20pc of art sales'
Expatica - Netherlands
A new book claims that 20 percent of all artworks offered for sale on the Dutch market are either partial or complete forgeries.

Art's her game
News Star - USA
For 23 years, she has introduced students to art, teaching them the fundamentals then watching them discover a means of self-expression and enjoyment.
Chinese hammer art auctions
When one thinks of the great auction houses and their legions of elite, free-spending buyers, his or her mind usually goes to New York, London or Tokyo.
Fall Art Auctions Offer a Wealth of Big Names
New York Times - USA
For the first time in about four years, "well timed" deaths, in auction world parlance, have brought sought-after works to the fall market. These estate sales have in turn encouraged other sellers to ride what they perceive will be a tailwind of excitement. The result is two weeks of back-to-back auctions, starting Tuesday, featuring prime examples of works by masters like van Gogh, Léger, Klimt and Jasper Johns..

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Future Perfect
Art Forum - USA
David Bussel checks out a biennial that goes against the grain. Reporting from Lyon, he navigates an exhibition that's low on political content but replete with psychedelic installations and dizzying optical tours de force. While the curators of most mega-exhibitions are bent on topicality, Lyon's organizers seem content to daze and confuse—but Bussel finds more method than madness in their strategies.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Wednesday, Oct 29
::: Feature Article :::
But the real shock is... the Essex vases
The Gaurdian - UK
Rolf Harris sent his apologies. He was tied up tending to roadkill hedgehogs on Animal Hospital. Nor could Sister Wendy Beckett be tempted out of her caravan by the Guardian to see the Turner prize show - even one that contains a transvestite potter with an unnerving resemblance to Christine Hamilton on one of her madder days.

Artist's Journey From Billboards to Supersize Art
New York Times - USA
"The Swimmer in the Econo-mist," a high point of the James Rosenquist retrospective now at the Guggenheim Museum, is really three panels filling a huge gallery. It has melting lipstick, a reference to Picasso's "Guernica," a hair dryer like a helmet, broken industrial drill bits and a sunrise in the red, yellow and black of the German flag for the museum's Berlin branch.
Art fund angels
Telegraph - UK
Saved! - a selection of the half-a-million works bought for the nation with the help of the National Art Collections Fund.
Picasso's triumphant return
SM Herald - Australia
More than 100 years after he left and 30 years after he died, Pablo Picasso has finally achieved his dream of having a museum dedicated to his work in his home city of Malaga, southern Spain.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Getting the hang of Aboriginal art great - Australia
WHEN it comes to hanging art by the greatest Aboriginal painter of his generation, convention goes out the window. Yesterday, the Art Gallery of South Australia was busily trying to get the best perspective on the works of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Monday, Oct 27
::: Feature Article :::
Damien's dentist drills his way into art's power list
The Gaurdian - UK
The man who looked after the teeth of unknown artists such as Hirst and Tracey Emin now has a collection worth hundreds of thousands. painting picture of growth
MSNBC News - USA, which says it is growing its online offering of prints and posters by about 50,000 items annually, is increasing by 56 percent the size of its headquarters and distribution facility near the airport.
Scottish modern art gallery insists Warhol works are the real thing
Scotsman - Scotland
ONE in six might be fakes, but Scotland’s Andy Warhol paintings are the real McCoy, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art insisted last night.
450 Women Join Nude Photo Shoot in N.Y.
NY Times - USA (requires subscription - free)
The women, all volunteers, arrived at about 3 a.m. Sunday, stripped off their clothes and composed their bodies into sculptural shapes and formations meant to imitate streets, buildings and cityscapes. The building had been closed to the public during the shoot.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Japanese art: less 'whammo' this time around
Miami Herald, the - USA
Takashi Murakami has surely become a legend with both his designer purses and neo-Pop art. The wildly successful Japanese artist, whose teasing sculpture and paintings owe much to the big-eyed creatures in Japanese comic books and animated films, created a festive installation of mushrooms, floating eyeballs and a pudgy pointy-headed giant this fall for New York's Rockefeller Center.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Friday, Oct 24
::: Feature Article :::
When the master of peace did violence
The Gaurdian - UK
Picasso painted the most compelling antiwar images in history. Yet, with his own life in turmoil, a current of brutality electrified his art. Violence, argues Jonathan Jones, was his greatest theme

Christie's denies Nazi cover-up
BBC News - UK
Auction house Christie's has denied a report that it covered up the Nazi past of a painting it offered for sale.
Art helps us to ask questions
Washington Blade - USA
After working on Capitol Hill for more than two decades, former AIDS czar Patsy Fleming is expressing her ideas in a new way
Warhol artwork fails to sell
BBC News - UK
A work by Andy Warhol has failed to reach its asking price at a London auction, having been expected to fetch up to £400,000.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Art Listings
NY Times - USA
A selective listing by Times critics of new or noteworthy art, design and photography exhibitions at New York museums and art galleries this weekend.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Wednesday, Oct 22
::: Feature Article :::
Just don't ask the price...
The Gaurdian - UK
Timothy Taylor, husband of Lady Helen Windsor, has a singular talent for selling expensive paintings without talking hard cash. But their children prefer their art made of chocolate

Police swoop on 'pornographic' art
The Australian - Australia
A Melbourne artwork featuring an octopus performing oral sex on a naked woman has prompted a police investigation and complaints and threats to the gallery exhibiting the work.
Art helps unburden kids in violent homes
London Free Press - Canada
An internationally recognized program originating in London has made it easier for hundreds of children to learn and heal from the domestic violence exposure.
'Art is my job and my love'
The Globe and Mail - Canada
"I support an extended family with my art," she says. "My son Adamie is a hunter and he needs money for things like a canoe or a motorboat or gas.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Losing my religion
The Gaurdian - UK
Bill Viola's startling, fascinating videos are like paintings that move. But Adrian Searle could do without all the bogus sermonising


The "art news" is a new addition to the site. International art news, art reviews, and articles on art will be added 3 times each week (mon, wed, fri). ArtQuotes Art News!
The "art news" is a new addition to the site. International art news, art reviews, and articles on art will be added 3 times each week (mon, wed, fri).

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