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Famous Australian artist, Brett Whiteley Brett Whiteley
Famous Australian artist, Brett Whiteley
Paintings, links, and quotes have been added to the Brett Whiteley pages.
art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide art quotes news - November 2003

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Friday, Nov 28
::: Feature Article :::
Hirst buys his art back from Saatchi
The Guardian - UK
The simmering feud between Damien Hirst and Charles Saatchi, the two circus masters of Britart, has ended in a truce, with the reclusive collector selling nearly a third of his holdings of early Hirsts back to the artist.

Aboriginal art under fraud threat
Australian aboriginal art is under threat after a series of high profile fraud scandals.
National Gallery to Show Film on Rothko
MiamiHerald - USA
To admirers of 20th century art, he was a leader of the abstract expressionists who helped shift the center of the modern art world from Paris to New York. In his own estimation, Rothko's work was an attempt to interpret the condition of humankind.
Islamic Art, Science And Philosophy Enrich Our Lives
PakNews - Pakistan
LONDON, - British Prime Minister Tony Blair wished "Eid Mubarak" to British Muslims and said Islamic art, science and philosophy have enriched our lives over centuries.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
500 years on, tiny comic strips go on display
TheGuardian - UK
Some of the most exquisite illuminated book illustrations in the world - including the apparent equivalent of an early religious cartoon strip - are going on display in an exhibition at the Royal Society of Arts in London from this weekend.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Wednesday, Nov 26
::: Feature Article :::
Will the Saatchi Gallery make any money? ArtNewspaper - UK
Despite the Saatchi Gallery’s high ticket price, it is still pulling in the crowds. The gallery has had 320,000 visitors since relocating to its new premises in County Hall and opening to the public on 17 April.

Master forger's art works stolen
MainichiNews- Japan
Thieves have stolen 74 works of art by Elmyr de Hory, a Hungarian regarded as a genius forger of masterpieces, from an Osaka textile company, police said Wednesday.
V&A restores lustre to its paintings
Guardian - UK
After decades of temporary homes among the miles of corridors at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the painting collection is back where it started, in the handsome top-lit galleries originally built to house one of the museum's least-known treasures.
£1.75m court battle rocks art world
EDP24 - UK
A Norfolk peer has pledged to fight a Canadian art collector in a £1.75m High Court case that promises to send shockwaves through the art world.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
High art wipeout
TheAge - Australia
With two major exhibitions, Melbourne is riding a tsunami of surf-related culture. The touring show, 6ft + clean: surf + art, featuring Scott Redford, Tracey Moffatt, Kieran Kinney and others is at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. It hails, not surprisingly, from the Gold Coast. The Beacon at Southgate is hosting the international exhibition Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing, curated by the Laguna Art Museum in California.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Monday, Nov 24
::: Feature Article :::
The secret Constable
TheGuardian - UK
As John Constable reached the peak of his fame during the 20th century he suffered the fate common to many great artists: people stopped looking thoughtfully at his paintings and began simply to admire them.

Art of a rare vintage on display in Yarra Valley
TheAge- Australia
Australia's first major philanthropically funded public museum is set to open in the Yarra Valley. Raymond Gill reports.
More than just a brush with art Young artists
WashingtonTimes - USA
Meghan Shea uses the strokes of a paintbrush to express herself. While some people communicate best through words, she specializes in visual images.
A match made in art heaven: Southborough man pairs collector and artist at Sudbury gallery
MetroWest - USA
You might say gallery owner Frederick Scott is a matchmaker. His goal is to foster a relationship between a buyer and a work of art that is akin to love at first sight.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
John Lennon art on display in Avon - USA
Nostalgic baby boomers and others came to Avon for a close-up view of a different type of Beatlemania art.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Friday, Nov 21
::: Feature Article :::
Are these the lost Van Goghs?
ArtNewspaper - UK
LONDON. A cache of possible Van Goghs is being unveiled this week at a museum in Breda, the Dutch town where hundreds of the artist’s works were dispersed in the flea market in 1902. For the past 100 years, countless pictures in Van Gogh’s style have surfaced in the Breda area, but except for those bought in the very early years, none have been accepted as authentic by specialists.

Art history professor sheds new light on Cézanne’s later years
EDEL Daily - USA
Because of his visceral style and luminous still lifes, Cézanne has traditionally been viewed as a painter’s painter—an artist who transferred to canvas exactly what he saw and felt. But, according to a new book by Nina Marie Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, that long-held opinion only shows half the picture.
Censored art draws attention - USA of male action-figures posed in ambiguous embraces that hint at homosexuality have gotten widespread attention since Rogers ordered them removed from a gallery.
Art for art's sake - USA
The Artists of Berkeley Lake isn't your typical art club. Members don't gush over each other's amateurish landscapes. And they don't focus more on parties than painting.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Sacred sights in three colours
SMH - Australia
The greatest Australian artists are the Aboriginal artists, says John Coburn. They paint the sacredness of the land.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Wednesday, Nov 19
::: Feature Article :::
The art of the art auction
The evening of Nov. 12, I found myself at Sotheby’s flagship Contemporary Art auction watching a fortysomething man with long silver hair bid on a painting by the late British artist Francis Bacon. The bidding stalled at $3.1 million, and Tobias Meyer, the auctioneer, took to speaking directly to the man, trying to get him to bid $3.2 million.

Expressive art that soothes troubled minds
Telegraph - UK
A new exhibition looks set to challenge peoples assumptions about mental illness. Barbara Lantin reports
Tempo boss settles margin call with art - Australia
Tempo Services chairman and major shareholder John Schaeffer has sold more than a quarter of his prized art collection to pay off margin loans on his 30 per cent stake in the cleaning and security business but says he will buy more shares when his personal finances allow it.
Spectacles provide clue to the secret of Turner's visual style
The Guardian - UK
Viewers have been puzzling over JMW Turner's singular vision of the world for over 200 years.
Now an opthalmic surgeon is suggesting that there is no mystery; Turner, suffering from early, slight colour-blindness and later cataracts, was painting exactly what he saw.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Islamic Art in the Louvre
ArabNews - Middle East
In a speech last October, President Jacques Chirac proposed the creation of a new department in the Louvre dedicated to Islamic Art. This department, in Chirac’s view, would not only be an instrument of diplomacy but also of interior policy and will “highlight the universal vocation of this museum and will be a living example of cultural dialogue.”

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Monday, Nov 17
::: Feature Article :::
A bigger splash
Guardian - UK
What would you buy with £25m? As Tate supremo Nicholas Serota argues that public money should be spent on modern art and not on saving Raphael's Madonna of the Pinks, we asked leading figures in the art world what they would do

Giant Art -- In Perspective
CBS News - USA
This is my paint," Rosenguist tells 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer in an interview for CBS News Sunday Morning. "All the colors in the universe. Right there. All of them. From infrared to ultraviolet and I use paper cups from the lower East Side of Manhattan - Chinese food cups - for mix, a malted milk mixer.
Understanding the “white cube” debate
The Art Newspaper- UK
FAs collector and gallerist Charles Saatchi claims that “white cube” art spaces are dead, a senior curator deconstructs our display culture
A Pop Art Jigsaw Puzzle Is Assembled Deftly
NYTimes - USA
Cramming a 55-foot-tall sculpture into the Tweed Courthouse rotunda is not an easy job. In terms of sheer difficulty, the task probably lies somewhere between building a ship in a bottle and stuffing a Steinway up a stovepipe.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Kandinsky and Schoenberg: Common view of music and art - USA
THE tense, energetic painting composed of seemingly random color patches, with hints of people, was Vassily Kandinsky's enthusiastic depiction of a concert of Arnold Schoenberg's music.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Friday, Nov 14
::: Feature Article :::
Upstairs Museum, Downstairs Ruin at St. Hagia Sophia
Zaman - Turkey
It has come to light that the carpets of the St. Hagia Sophia Museum, from the times when it was open to the public as a mosque, have been rotting in closed storage for 69 years.

Art, artists added richness to her life
The Oregonian - USA
Donna Hand-Lee had a lifelong love of art and tried her hand at it herself. But her real talent was helping other artists succeed.
US galleries lead 'costly' list
Five of the 10 costliest art galleries in the world are in the US, according to a new survey.
Interview: James Rosenquist - Chairman of the billboard
I was told pop art icon James Rosenquist was down to earth, "very down home", as Americans put it. They were right. And this is reflected in what he plans to teach in the three student classes he will run in conjunction with his spectacular retrospective at New York's Guggenheim Museum.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
A filter of faith
SMH - Australia
The highs and lows of Colin McCahon's "heroically troubled" life are reflected in his canvases of divine inspiration, writes Peter Hill.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Wednesday, Nov 12
::: Feature Article :::
Art in the war zone
The Globe & Mail - Canada
Many, including art critic Robert Hughes, argue that modern and contemporary art have little of value to say about atrocities, GUY DIXON writes

Art Market On Rebound
Forbes - USA
A year of thinner sales and anemic consignments was reversed last week at the main Impressionist and Modern art sales here, as both Sotheby's and Christie's had very little difficulty finding buyers for their top lots. The two evening sales totaled $242 million, nearly doubling the $125 million made for the same sessions last May.
Injunction halts auction of Riopelle paintings
Toronto Star - Canada
A judge granted a temporary injunction today to stop the multimillion-dollar auction of paintings and sculptures by the late abstract artist Jean-Paul Riopelle, ruling on the side of his three children.
Tate chief attacks 'save for the nation' art policy
Guardian - UK
Sir Nicholas Serota, the most powerful man in the museum world, dramatically broke ranks with his colleagues yesterday to challenge the idea that vast sums of money should be spent to stop important works of art leaving Britain.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Museum shows off its Picasso women
Guardian - UK
The largest Picasso canvas in the world was rolled out on a floor yesterday, by the museum which owns it but hasn't a wall large enough to display it.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Monday, Nov 10
::: Feature Article :::
The Most Wanted Works of Art
If a piece is “truly, truly to die for” and is still in private hands, it is no doubt on someone else’s wish list. Like that $100 million Cézanne.

Previously Unseen Picasso, Matisse Works Shown
Reuters - USA
HOUSTON (Reuters) - A pair of New York and Texas art dealers exhibited for the first time a heretofore secret trove of works by famed artists Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.
Priceless art collection comes to Las Vegas hotel-casino
The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum has opened its most ambitious exhibition to date at The Venetian hotel-casino, still determined to bring priceless art to the Las Vegas Strip and tap a lucrative market.
African American art draws buyers to expo - USA
Hanging on the walls of the Huxtables' home was the work of African American artists, Redcross said, and African Americans in the 1980s took note.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Brushstroke honed at the deep end
SMH - Australia
Martine Emdur is wearing a pair of latex gloves and around her neck hangs a contraption that looks like a gas mask. "I'm allergic to paint," she explains.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Friday, Nov 7
::: Feature Article :::
Market bounces back in New York Impressionist and Modern art sales
The Art Newspaper - UK
A year of thinner sales and anaemic consignments were reversed last week at the main Impressionist and Modern art sales here, as both Sotheby’s and Christie’s had very little difficulty finding buyers for their top lots. The two evening sales totalled $242 million, doubling the $125 million made for the same sessions last May. Adding in the Part II sessions, a total of $283 million was spent on Modern and Impressionist art between 4 and 6 November.

Modigliani 1917 Painting Sells for $26.8M
Miami Herald - USA
NEW YORK - Modigliani's 1917 painting "Reclining Nude (on Her Left Side)" has sold for $26.8 million, a record for the artist at auction, Christie's said.
A life in pictures
The Guardian - UK
DH Lawrence's paintings contain all the raw sexuality promised by his writings, and their nudity duly threw the establishment into turmoil, says Jonathan Jones
Ethnic art to order
Jerusalem Post - Israel
A show of nearly 80 works by 24 Australian aboriginal artists, now on view at the Jerusalem Theater, leaves one admiring yet bemused. It is also a reminder of the tragedy that befell the people of the world's oldest surviving culture after the arrival of Captain Cook at Botany Bay over 200 years ago.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
A Century of Painting: From Renoir to Rothko
ALAS VEGAS, NEVADA.- The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum opens A Century of Painting: From Renoir to Rothko, an exhibition of approximately 37 works from the Guggenheim’s extensive permanent collection of late 19th and 20th-century masterworks.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Wednesday, Nov 5
::: Feature Article :::
Rags to Rothkos
The Guardian - UK
According to the influential Art Review magazine, Gil Perez is the 50th most influential figure in the art world. Not bad for a doorman, he tells Stuart Jeffries

Art collector finds a home for Rembrandt
JS Online - USA
Milwaukee art maven Alfred Bader and his wife, Isabel, are in the news again.
They've donated a small but fine Rembrandt oil, "Head of an Old Man," to the Agnes Etherington Art Center on the campus of Bader's alma mater, Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario.
Huge art haul found in Paris van
More than 250 stolen paintings have been recovered from a parked van in Paris, French police have said.
The haul includes one Picasso, two works by French painter Raoul Dufy and one by Dutch artist Kees van Dongen.
Sales of 20th-century Italian art: Italian buyers are back as Christie’s and Sotheby’s fight for supremacy
The Art Newspaper - USA
LONDON. Christie’s wheeled out a big gun (literally) in its boldest attempt yet to overtake Sotheby’s at the annual round of Italian art sales last week. The big gun was Pino Pascali’s iconic “Mobile cannon”, a weapon made of wood, rubber and scrap metal and as relevant today as it was in 1965, when it was made to the backdrop of the Vietnam war.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
400 years on, is El Greco still too modern for UK?
The Guardian - UK
El Greco has always been a bit modern for British taste and, almost 400 years after his death, the organisers of the first British exhibition of his work fear he may still be.

art news , art reviews, and art exhibitions worldwide Art News - Monday, Nov 3
::: Feature Article :::
Shock art turns on the Tate
The Guardian - UK
They have turned shock and awe into an art form and set the agenda for the tumult over the Turner Prize. Now the Chapman brothers have broken another taboo by biting the hand that feeds them.

Low-priced art beats the masters in the long run
Art investors who snap up lower-priced works at auction consistently achieve better returns than those who buy multi-million dollar masterpieces, according to new research.
Art student finds inspiration in fireplugs
NewsDay - USA
There are fire hydrants bedecked with roses. There are fire hydrants having sex. There's a tower of seven red fire hydrants, 11 feet high.
Art decade
Press Herald - USA
Dan O'Leary knew what he was up against when he came to Portland to interview for the job as director of the Portland Museum of Art.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
Rough guide to collecting great art
SMH - Australia
It's not a Harrods sale but an art show that has bargain-hunters camped in the streets, waiting to swoop on the peoples' choice, writes Scott Bevan.


The "art news" is a new addition to the site. International art news, art reviews, and articles on art will be added 3 times each week (mon, wed, fri). ArtQuotes Art News!
The "art news" is a new addition to the site. International art news, art reviews, and articles on art will be added 3 times each week (mon, wed, fri).

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