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Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers
New paintings, links, and quotes have been added to the Vincent van Gogh pages.
arts news - visual arts reviews art quotes Art News - March 2004

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, Mar 26
::: Feature Article :::
+Freud unveils crop of equestrian paintings
The Guardian Arts - UK
Da Vinci, Stubbs, Delacroix and Munnings all wrestled with the perspective problems of the subject, and now Lucian Freud has made a major contribution to a highly specialist area of art history: pictures of backsides of horses.

+Warhol's art joy to share, collector says
Billings Gazette - USA
Jordan Schnitzer, a Portland, Ore., art collector whose rare collection of 88 Andy Warhol screen prints is on loan to the Yellowstone Art Museum, said he needs no thanks.
+Galleries suffer more art thefts - USA
SANTA FE -- A string of art thefts that began with the December disappearance of a Georgia O'Keeffe painting is continuing, as three works by other artists have been confirmed missing.
+How the Queen's Fragonard saved Lennon's prints
The Guardian Arts - UK

A set of lithographs by John Lennon showing himself and Yoko Ono performing various sexual acts may have escaped an obscenity conviction because it was feared that many art collections, including the Queen's, might also be in breach of the law.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+West to meet East in exhibit of Islamic art in nation's capital
The Salt Lake Tribune - USA
WASHINGTON -- Starting in July, the National Gallery of Art will display rare Islamic art from the Victoria and Albert Museum, its first major display of art from the Arab world in 17 years.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, Mar 21
::: Feature Article :::
+Gallery urged not to show portrait of dead addict
The Guardian Arts - UK
Police chiefs yesterday called on an art gallery to cancel plans to hang a disturbing portrait of Rachel Whitear, the heroin addict whose death is being reinvestigated.

+Chicago's future icon
TheArtNewspaper - UK
Spurred by civic pride and aesthetic vision, deep-pocketed Chicagoans are transforming a rundown park near The Loop into an urban
showpiece that Mayor Richard M Daley promises "will become one of the finest
recreational and cultural spaces of any city in the world."
+Art lovers acclaim ... Ronco Veg-O-Matic!
Independent - UK
Ever found yourself in a gallery and getting tired of those same old paintings and sculptures? Do you wish you could run up an exhibition using everyday ingredients? Well now you can!
+The art of collecting can start small
East Valley Life - USA

Ever find a gigantic reproduction of Monet’s "Water Lilies" on the clearance rack, only to drop $250 or more framing it to match your decor?
Kelly Troester, head of the print department at Christie’s New York, said that money could get you started as a fine art collector instead, making what’s hanging on your walls different from the mass-produced images most people buy.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Dazzling art works catch collectors' eyes - China
BEIJING Entitled "Exquisite Ceramics, Paintings and Works of Art," the show and sale, organized by Hong Kong Auctions International (NY) Inc, features over 300 rare and remarkable porcelains and ceramics along with paintings, calligraphy and other works of art.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, Mar 12
::: Feature Article :::
+NY dealer accused of art scam
The Guardian Arts - UK
Art lovers with a few hundred thousand dollars to spare might care to take a look at the works currently being offered for sale on the website of New York's Arts Collection Inc. One of the most eye catching is Paul Gauguin's Vase de Fleurs.

+Boston Museum of Fine Arts sends its Monets to Las Vegas
TheArtNewspaper - UK
Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) has leased 21 of its 36 Monet paintings, including depictions of Rouen Cathedral, waterlilies, and haystacks, to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts, located inside the Bellagio casino and hotel complex in Las Vegas. The gallery is a for-profit exhibition space run by Paperball, a division of the New York-based art dealers PaceWildenstein.
+Same-sex wedding art removed
Herald Sun - USA
DURHAM -- City workers removed an art display depicting two women getting married from Durham Central Park on Thursday.
+'Lost' Botticelli unveiled
The Guardian Arts - UK

Thanks to a last-minute decision by the bearer of one of the most illustrious names in fashion, a long unseen Botticelli is to be unveiled to the public tomorrow at what the organisers say is the biggest exhibition to date of the painter's work.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Survey Of Contemporary American Art Opens At The Whitney - USA
NEW YORK -- The Whitney Biennial never ceases to startle and confuse.
This time around, the exhibition has in its display a room in which a spiral staircase leads to nowhere and walls, ceiling and floor are covered with images and illuminated with psychedelic lighting.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, Mar 5
::: Feature Article :::
+Cosmic life imitates art
The Guardian Arts - UK
Astronomers have released a stunning picture of dust swirling around a distant star that art lovers may find familiar. The scientists say the latest image from the Hubble space telescope bears remarkable similarities to Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, one of his most famous paintings and renowned for its bold whorls of light sweeping across a raging night sky.

+To Russia with love: the Forbes Fabergé collection
TheArtNewspaper - UK
ST PETERSBURG. Now that one of Russia’s richest men, the oil billionaire Victor Vekselberg, has bought the Forbes Collection of Fabergé, the big question is where the hoard will be displayed.
+Police to brush off art robbery
The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia
What a difference a week makes. Last Friday the art world erupted with news that a collection worth $67 million had been stolen from a property at Limpinwood, northern NSW.
Police swarmed over John Opit's property looking for clues. But today they are expected to seek permission to scale back an investigation which has attracted worldwide interest.
+Ligon probes sexuality, ethnicity in art

When Glenn Ligon was an art student at Wesleyan University in Middletown, he attended a talk by a black artist at Yale. A few minutes before the speech was to start, Ligon sat in the audience watching a black man in coveralls fix the microphone -- not realizing that the man was, in fact, the speaker.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+TEFAF Maastricht, Netherlands Fine Art Fair Opens
MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS.- An estimated $500 million to $1 billion in art will go on sale at TEFAF Maastricht, otherwise known as the European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from today until March 14, 2004.

art news for visual artists Art News - Wednesday, Mar 3
::: Feature Article :::
+Icon making involves spirit as much as art
The Washington Times - USA
Just before Maria Leontovitsch Manley gets ready to apply the gold leaf to an icon, she prepares a piece of fatty clay called an Armenian bole. She will press that onto the surface of her icon to ensure that the gold will adhere without imperfections.

+Art valuer trashes the Cezanne of Limpinwood
Sydney Morning Herald - Australia
The only genuine works in John Opit's art collection are the ones he painted himself, says the man police have asked to help unravel Australia's most mysterious art heist.
+Gauguin Tahiti: the studio of the South Seas
The Art Newspaper - UK
Gauguin created his greatest works in Tahiti, and the tale behind them could hardly be more enticing—the artist’s discovery of the South Seas.
+Tobwabba wins art copyright battle
Greatlakes Advocate - Australia

FORSTER'S Tobwabba Art has won a legal battle over copyright with a souvenir company it claims had stolen Tobwabba's designs. The case was settled out of court two days before it was listed for hearing in the Federal Court.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Contemporary African Art: the Personal As Universal
A color photograph in black and white -- a South African immigrant and his albino son -- a pieta with a black Mary cradling a sacrificial goat, a digitized print of children AIDS victims all combine media, image and message in the new exhibition of contemporary art from Africa with which the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African Art is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

art news for visual artists Art News - Monday, Mar 1
::: Feature Article :::
+Fine art of wooing wealthy friends
The Guardian - UK
A campaign is getting under way this week to persuade Britain's rich to spend more on the arts.
Colin Tweedy, chief executive of Arts and Business, the organisation behind the appeal, says that despite recent spectacular donations - only last week John Madejski celebrated his £3m donation to the Royal Academy by lending it his £5m Degas Little Dancer - Britain lags behind other countries. In the US 5.7% of philanthropic giving went to the arts, against 3.4% in Britain.

+Toilet art at Bugis Junction explores novel concept of spaces
SINGAPORE : It is private business what one does in the loo but some artists are exposing all that to the public with an interactive installation at Parco Bugis Junction.
+Art theft victim 'frustrated' with police
ABC News - Australia
An art restorer, who says he has lost 20 paintings in a burglary including a Paul Cezanne, says police have wrecked his northern New South Wales home.
+A quick intake of ‘boundless’ art
Manilla Bulletin - Manilla

Art is self-expression. Art is anything that is man-made or created by nature. In all its form and categories, it's an expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions. A subjective notion that leads to one's self-discovery and direction.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+After Image - Screenprints of Andy Warhol, National Gallery of Australia
Andy Warhol, in his 1975 publication, The philosophy of Andy Warhol, claimed: ‘in the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes’. From the beginning, Warhol set out to be seriously famous and promoted himself to celebrity status. He made the famous even more famous by producing silk screens of their image.


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