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Art Quotes on Social Media

I have long neglected social media but am slowly warming to it, especially Pinterest. It's a very visual medium and is great for sharing pictures.


Pinterest is my favorite social media platform by far. I started a new account just for the ArtQuotes site so I haven't added much to it yet.
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I used to like Facebook quite a bit but the owner of it makes it hard to continue liking it for too long. I still use it though as it remains the most popular.
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I have never really understood Twitter. I always figured it was a social engineering joke to make people stupid. I thought they might continue decreasing the amount of words allowed in each post until we could only use grunts or moans.
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Google Plus

I like Google Plus but have never really spent much time on it as nobody seems to be home. I was hoping everyone would migrate from Facebook to G+ but it never really happened.
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  • "The act of painting is about one heart telling another heart where he found salvation."