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recent art quotes Artist resources art portal is an inspirational email sent out 3 times every week with 2 art quotes. The quotes are from artists, entertainers, inspirational people, religious people, and people of interest. The quotes are to inspire success, creativity, and knowledge.

artist portfolios is a place for International Contemporary artists to show their work. Artists are chosen very selectively and only one new artist is added each month.

artist probe - interviews is a monthly interview with an International artist. The artist will also have their work featured in artist portfolios.

famous artists is an evolving collection of great artists from history. A selection of works, biography, quotes, books, and links to further information on each artist is included.

art directory is a quality selection of links to all the best art sites on the web. Only current, professional, valuable sites are added. The aim is not to add the most art links, but the best art links!

art news is a look at some of the most interesting art related articles in the news each week. It is updated 3 times each week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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