Sister Wendy Beckett Quotes
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Sister Wendy Beckett Quotes

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Sister Wendy Beckett Art Quotes Sister Wendy Beckett Art Quotes - born 1930

Art Quotations by Sister Wendy Beckett.
Famous South African born British Nun, art lover and art commentator.
Famous works include : Many popular art books, including "Sister Wendy's Impressionist Masterpieces" 2001, "Sister Wendy's American Collection" 2000, and "The Story of Painting" 1994.

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"Sister Wendy Beckett Quotes"

+ My struggle is to put this into words. People who go to the museum are not asked, lucky them, to hold forth about these works. My struggle has been to let them know there is something there to respond to and for them to respond to.

+ One of the wonderful things about a museum is how you're jolted into confronting art from strange and wonderful civilizations and you look and learn and expand your horizons.

+ Americans are the most educated people in the world artistically. Every museum has a devoted following who not only go to the museum but think about what they've seen, who can speak about the works in their local museum.

+ You have to expend time and energy. If you don't want to do that, you can still get a lot of enlightenment and entertainment by just wandering around, but you'll never get the deep spiritual nourishment. (on how to see art)

+ The United States, the land of the free, is particularly rich in museums. That is appropriate, because museums are a means to freedom.

+ The intricacies of theology are not usually what concerns the artist. They're concerned with the big, beautiful fundamentals, and there I have never had any problem. In fact, anybody who has a narrow sense of their religion, whether they're Jew or Christian or Muslim or whatever, has only to look long and intelligently at the great work of another tradition and they will see what the religions have in common.

"Sister Wendy Quotes"

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