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Charles Saatchi Quotes

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famous artist Charles Saatchi Famous Charles Saatchi Quotes and Sayings

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Charles Saatchi
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous Iraqi born British collector of art Charles Saatchi
born Charles Saatchi - Baghdad, Iraq - 9th of June, 1943 / Lives United Kingdom
Charles Saatchi was a founder of the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency. He is most famous for collecting the art of controversial Young British Artists (YBAs) like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Charles Saatchi is married to the British celebrity TV Cook Nigella Lawson.

"Charles Saatchi Quotes"

+ Being a good artist is the toughest job you could pick, and you have to be a little nuts to take it on. I love them all.

+ Obviously, if you do what I do you are going to end up making people sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy. I cannot, nor would I want to, buy everything I see, so I have to make decisions about what I like. I like to keep my collecting fresh, and I think people have got the message.

+ No, of course I'm not in it for the money. I make a lot of money from the stuff I sell, but then I pay incredibly high prices for the things I want. That's how I get what I like. The market is so insane.

+ The art critics on some of Britain’s newspapers could as easily have been assigned gardening or travel, and been cheerfully employed for life.

+ Like any religious convert I have discovered the internet terribly late. The more interested I got in the site, the more I thought it could be a useful outlet - showcase, whatever - for artists who don't have dealers. Let them deal directly with collectors. Scanning a website to see work by an artist halfway across the world is the lazy way to do it, but probably the only effective way.

+ I don’t buy art in order to leave a mark or to be remembered; clutching at immortality is of zero interest to anyone sane.

+ If you're not in the loop, if you didn't go to the right art school, if you don't know the right people who have the right dealers, it's very hard to break in.

+ There are no rules about investment. Sharks can be good. Artist’s dung can be good. Oil on canvas can be good. There’s a squad of conservators out there to look after anything an artist decides is art.

Famous Charles Saatchi Quotes
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Famous British Art Collector Charles Saatchi Quotes Page
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