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artist interviews
Artist Interviews
Interviews with contemporary working artists. Each month we probe into the life and art of painters from around the world.
Learn how artists deal with the challenges and advantages of creating art for a living with our monthly fine artist interview at

artist interviews Interviews with Artists

++ Robert Chunn Interview - November 2007
American artist interview Q&A with the American based still life artist Robert Chunn.
++ Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff Interview - August 2007
Contemporary American Sculptor Interview with a contemporary American figurative sculptor.
++ Nick Japaridze Interview - June 2007
Paintings and interview with the classical realist artist Nick Japaridze Symbolic realism paintings and interview with artist Nick Japaridze.
++ Dana Levin Interview - May 2007
Paintings and interview with the classical realist artist Dana Levin. Paintings and interview with the classical realist artist Dana Levin.
++ Fernando De Araujo Art Interview - March 2007
Q&A with the Brazlian born New York artist Fernando De Araujo. Q&A with the Brazlian born New York artist Fernando De Araujo.
++Geoffrey Laurence Interview - November 2006
Interview with geoffrey laurence Short talk with a contemporary realist artist and painter from America.
++Anthony White Interview - September 2006
Interview with anthony white Contemporary Australian artist talks about art and his money series of paintings.
++Hazel Dooney Interview - May 2006
Interview with Hazel Dooney Contemporary Australian artist Hazel Dooney talks about her art and life.
++Caroline Magerl Artist Interview - April 2006
Interview with the contemporary figurative artist Interview with the contemporary figurative artist Caroline Magerl.
++Hilda Hiary Art Interview - September 2005
jordanian artist interview An abstract artist from Jordan talks about her art and life.
++Andrei Rabodzeenko fine artist Interview - June 2005
american artist interview Fine artist working in the United States talks about art.
++Jesse Reno outsider artist Interview - April 2005
outsider artist interview American Outsider artist interview.
++Belinda Eaton Artist Interview - January 2005
british artist interview Figurative United Kingdom based artist interview.
++Mario Zampedroni Artist Interview - December 2004
italian artist interview Contemporary Italian artist answers's questions.
++Gizem Saka Artist Interview - November 2004
turkish artist interview Contemporary Turkish artists talks about art and life.
++Alberto Sughi Artist Interview - October 2004
Contemporary Italian painter capturing society Contemporary Italian painter capturing society.
++Pablo Avendano Interview - February 2004
Contemporary Spanish painter Contemporary Spanish painter discusses his ideas and thoughts on art.
++Karen Jacobs Interview - January 2004
Abstract and Landscape painter Karen Jacobs of America talks about her art. Abstract and Landscape painter Karen Jacobs of America talks about her art.
++Leith O'Malley Interview - October 2003
Leith Omalley Interview Figurative Australian artist Leith O'Malley on art, jazz, and life.
++Robert Genn Interview - September 2003
Robert Genn Interview Accomplished Canadian painter talks about his art, life, and success.
++Matt Sesow Interview - August 2003
Matt Sesow Interview Self-taught expressionist painter from America gives an insight into being an artist.
++Moin Shah Interview - July 2003
Moin Shah Interview Expressionist painter from Pakistan shares his thoughts on art.
++Dion Archibald Interview - June 2003
Dion Archibald Interview Contemporary Australian Painter talks of art, life, and business.


artist interviews New Artist Interview

artist interview
"Still lifes are always ready to pose. They don't talk or get tired or need to eat. They possess all the qualities of form and color that are needed to keep a painter occupied for the rest of his life."
Robert Chunn Interview

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Artist interviews are categorized by month and year, with the most recent artists being listed at the top of the page.

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