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Philip Larkin Quotes

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Philip Larkin quotes Famous Philip Larkin Quotes and Sayings - Poetry

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Philip Larkin
Inspirational Quotes by the famous English poet, jazz critic, and novelist Philip Larkin
born Philip Arthur Larkin - 9th of August, 1922, Warwickshire, United Kingdom / Died - 2nd of December, 1985
Popular Philip Larkin poems include "An Arundel Tomb", "This Be The Verse" and "The Whitsun Weddings". Fictional publications by Larkin include "Jill", "A Girl in Winter", and "Trouble at Willow Gables" and Other Fiction".

"Philip Larkin Quotes"

+ I don’t think you can write a poem for more than two hours. After that you’re going round in circles, and it’s much better to leave it for twenty-four hours, by which time your subconscious or whatever has solved the block and you’re ready to go on.

+ I think writing about unhappiness is probably the source of my popularity, if I have any.. after all, most people are unhappy, don't you think?

+ My life is as simple as I can make it. Work all day, cook, eat, wash up, telephone, hack writing, drink, television in the evenings. I almost never go out. I suppose everyone tries to ignore the passing of time.. some people by doing a lot, being in California one year and Japan the next. Or there’s my way.. making every day and every year exactly the same. Probably neither works.

+ They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

+ Deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth.

Famous Philip Larkin Quotations

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Famous British Poet Philip Larkin Quotes Page
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