Still Life with Meat by Brett Whiteley

Still Life with Meat

Still Life with Meat by Brett Whiteley

Painting Details

Artist: Brett Whiteley
Title and Year: Still Life with Meat, 1976
Size: 130 x 207 cm
Medium: Synthetic polymer on Board
Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia
Subject: Still Life paintings


Whiteley played a lot with contrasts: black and white, life and death, success and failure. This landscape-looking still life where the far side of the table could be 5 miles or 5 feet away is about life and death. The mangled dead flesh of the meat is still bleeding and looks like it was slaughtered only moments ago, while the beautiful flowers and bread on the table suggest life. The calm of the coffee cup seems oblivious to the energy of the Bacon-esque flesh on the plate.

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