Turquoise Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Turquoise Marilyn Monroe

Turquoise Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Painting Details

American Artist: Andy Warhol
Title and Year: Turquoise Marilyn Monroe, 1964
Medium: Acrylic and Silkscreen
Collection: Steven Cohen
Subject: Portraits, Female Portraits


Andy Warhol painted several version of the actress Marilyn Monroe, using different colors, sizes, and formats. The artist was fascinated with fame for himself, but also of those that were famous. Warhol painted many other celebrities and iconic people from history. The sex symbol committed suicide in 1962, Warhol painted his Monroe pictures after her death.

Turquoise Marilyn sold to the Jewish billionaire art collector Steven Cohen for a reported $80 million dollars in 2007.

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