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Tony Cragg Quotes

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famous artist Tony Cragg Famous Tony Cragg Quotes and Sayings

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Tony Cragg
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous British sculptor Tony Cragg
born Tony Cragg, Liverpool, United Kingdom - 1949 / Lives UK
Famous Tony Cragg sculpture includes found object pieces installed on the wall or floor (arranged by color), and large outdoor sculpture. Tony Cragg won the prestigious Turner prize in 1988.

"Tony Cragg Quotes"

+ I felt very free to use the plastic fragments I'd started using in '77 in new forms. That was almost a kind of punk gesture at the time, a little bit aimed against the pieties of Land art, Minimalism, or whatever.

+ At some point we’ve got to stop asking ourselves what is the meaning of everything, maybe it’s not so very important what it means. It’s probably more important what the sense of it is.. they are two very basic and different things.

+ In the '70s you could buy substantial works by extraordinary artists for a few thousand dollars. There was hardly any contemporary work that cost more than that. There were very few galleries. There were no television programs about art, nor was it covered by every newspaper. Art was not perceived in a very big public framework.

+ My attitude is, I make the sculpture in the studio on my own terms on my own time, and I want to see it go out of the studio and have its own existence whether it's noticed or not.

+ I think the twentieth century is just that.. the process of artists rushing through the world and finding some part of the non-art world and bringing it into the art world, minus its context.

+ I always have rules about what I'm doing, and the game becomes to break the rules, but on my own terms.

+ My life has been spent with this big wave of people in front of me. So at the time I was very influenced by these artists' work, but I realized I didn't want to make their work.

Famous Tony Cragg Quotes
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Famous British Artist Tony Cragg Quotes Page
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