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nude photographer Spencer Tunick Spencer Tunick

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"I'm trying to create flesh architecture. I aim to get a sculptural feel for groups of bodies, as well as create performance art."
Spencer Tunick

famous photographer Spencer Tunick Spencer Tunick Quotes

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Spencer Tunick life
Inspirational art quotes by the the famous American photographer of nude crowds Spencer Tunick
born Spencer Tunick - 1st of January, 1967 New York, United States / Lives New York
Popular Spencer Tunick works include large nude photographs of thousands of naked people grouped together in interesting places around the world.

"Spencer Tunick Quotes"

+ For me, the nude body is like a raw material.. another artist might use oil or clay. I love the fact that, en masse, it can be turned into an infinite number of shapes or abstractions, while the setting I choose.. rural, urban, indoors or out.. is like a canvas.

+ I’m in between an installation artist, video artist and photographer. And when you work with nude bodies, you’re immediately called a pornographer or a fashion photographer.

+ I'm trying to create flesh architecture. I aim to get a sculptural feel for groups of bodies, as well as create performance art.

+ I just create shapes and forms with human bodies. It's an abstraction, it's a performance, it's an installation. So I don't care how many people showed up. All I know is that I filled up my space.

+ The body represents beauty, love and peace. There was a lot of beauty and energy in the people today.

+ What a moment for the Mexican art scene. I think all eyes are looking south from the United Sates to Mexico City to see how a country can be free and treat the naked body as art. Not as pornography or as a crime, but with happiness and caring. (said after a successful event in Mexico that attracted more than 17,000 people to take off their clothes for a Tunick photo)

+ It never ceases to amaze me when ordinary people get into the spirit of what I'm doing. It's pivotal to my art.

Famous Spencer Tunick Quotes
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