Susan Rothenberg Quotes
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Susan Rothenberg Quotes

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Susan Rothenberg Art Quotes Susan Rothenberg Art Quotes - born 1945

Art Quotations by Susan Rothenberg.
Famous American Expressionist painter.
Famous paintings include : The horse series of paintings.

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"Susan Rothenberg Quotes"

+ I felt a tremendous affinity with Van Goghs deep feeling for the things he painted and how he exaggerated the colours of sky, chairs, faces, to bring them to almost more than life.

+ Sometimes the painting starts to relate very directly to either sights seen or experiences felt, other times it just goes off on a tangent that you really can’t articulate.

+ The anxiety and sometimes distorted way of seeing things I would guess comes from my wanting to impose my energy on the place. We live a fairly isolated life here.. I look for the weird to liven things up. Sometimes I probably make it more weird than it is.

+ Some of the pictures are truly mysterious to me.. which is why I so often say publicly that I don’t know or don’t care what they’re really about. And yet I can also say that the paintings are prayers.. that they have to do with whatever it is that makes you want more than what daily life affords.

"Susan Rothenburg Quotes"

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