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famous James Rosenquist quotations
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous American artist James Rosenquist
Born James Rosenquist - Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA - 29th of November, 1933 / Lives United States of America
Famous James Rosenquist works include large scale Pop Art images in a style influenced by his years spent as a billboard painter.

James Rosenquist Quotes

  • "I was probably born with the ability to draw, but that does not make you an artist."
    James Rosenquist
  • "People say I use my billboard technique to make art. Baloney! I used my art technique to paint billboards."
    James Rosenquist
  • "It's all autobiographical, everything is, all of it."
    James Rosenquist
  • "If you are close to it, a big painting is just a feeling around you, that's all."
    James Rosenquist
  • "Whenever I got a new studio I made the largest possible painting, and since the ceiling was low, the painting became horizontal. As I changed studios and got larger spaces, I made bigger paintings."
    James Rosenquist
  • "It all has meaning to me. As I explain my paintings, I hope that they get away from me, that the idea takes off and has a life of its own."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I tell young people that the greatest paintings in museums are made with minerals mixed in oil schmeared on cloth with the hair from the back of a pig's ear. It's that simple."
    James Rosenquist
  • "Have you ever watched anyone die? They are struggling for life and then they are dead and something seems to have left the room.. an electrical spark, a soul, I don't know what it is, but there is a cadaver left, and the spark is gone. That's very, very peculiar I think."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I made paintings to the limits of the size of the studios, that's it."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I still don't know what art is. People think it's decoration. I don't think so. It could be decorative, but it's not decoration."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I'm interested in contemporary vision.. the flicker of chrome, reflections, rapid associations, quick flashes of light. Bing-bang! I don't do anecdotes. I accumulate experiences."
    James Rosenquist


  • "In many ways my paintings are about energy.. both in how they are created and the image itself."
    James Rosenquist
  • "It was just another kind of composition where you just see this here, and this there, and this there, and it's that simple. Just bing, bang, boom, instead of the old Renaissance structure and push-and-pull composition. It's like the eye just picks out, looks at things. I don't know how to describe it."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I think being an artist is having courage to be original. It's hard to describe, because many great artists, including Picasso, have all been influenced by the great master paintings, Spanish paintings, whatever. Their art has looked like them, they've been influenced by them, and then finally, they leap, they take off. And then they become themselves. Then it looks like they just came out of nowhere."
    James Rosenquist
  • "It fascinates me to create beautiful paintings with the simplest means."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I think it's important to learn how.. it's important to study, to learn. To polish up on drawing, which is very academic. Like drawing from plaster casts, because it's handy to be able to know how to do that. And then when you have everything polished and all your senses ready, then if an idea does happen, you can do something about it. You can maybe convince yourself with your abilities that way."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I mean, at one point, I had an apartment for 30 bucks a month, a studio for 45 dollars a month, breakfast was a quarter at the Students Institute; two eggs, toast and tea. I didn't have any money but I was rich! That was the feeling. That's really impossible now to do that in Manhattan."
    James Rosenquist
  • "Paintings are memories. Memories of the painter who painted them. Memories that can be shared as well. Paintings are things to remember things by."
    James Rosenquist
  • "I'm interested in the speed of recognition of color in space and the acceleration of nostalgia into the future."
    James Rosenquist

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