Richard Serra
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Richard Serra Quotes

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Richard Serra Art Quotes Richard Serra Art Quotes - born 1939

Art Quotations by Richard Serra.
Famous American Contemporary Sculptor
Famous works include : Large scale location sculpture "Charlie Brown".

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"Richard Serra Quotes"

+ I'm not precious about my work. If you get it out into the urban field it's going to be used or misused but it'll also probably provide a way of people acknowledging what the aesthetic is about because people have to confront it every day.

+ Work out of your work. Don't work out of anybody else's work.

+ Time and movement became really crucial to how I deal with what I deal with, not only sight and boundary but how one walks through a piece and what one feels and registers in terms of one's own body in relation to another body.

+ My work is really very hard to hurt. I mean people sit on it, write on it, piss on it, you really can't hurt it, I mean you can graffiti the f*** out of it, there's not much you can do to it hurt it.

+ When I first started, what was very very important to me was dealing with the nature of process.

"Serra Quotes"


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