Nude and Still Life by Pablo Picasso

Nude and Still Life

Nude and Still Life by Pablo Picasso

Painting Details

20th Century Artist: Pablo Picasso
Title and Year: Nude and Still Life or Great Still life on pedestal, 1931
Size: 195cm x 130cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Collection: Musée Picasso, Paris, France
Subject: Still Life, Woman Portraits, Nudes


The nude in this painting is more than likely his lover at the time, Marie-Therese Walter. When they met Picasso was 45 and Walter was just 17. Many of the paintings Picasso did of his much younger muse were about sex and the curves of her beautiful body. It was a rough sex in this example as the body was torn from one side of the canvas to the other. It's hard to tell what is still life and what is nude, is that a breast or a ripe peach sitting on the table? It's a celebratory sex rather than a menacing one though, where Picasso is expressing joy, in color, line, and movement.

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