La Vie by Pablo Picasso

La Vie

La Vie by Pablo Picasso

Painting Details

20th Century Artist: Pablo Picasso
Title and Year: La Vie, 1903
Size: 197cm x 129cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Collection: Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, United States of America
Subject: Portraits, Female Portraits, Male Portraits, Nudes


Pablo Picasso painted the large La Vie painting during his famous blue period series. It is an important work from the blue period and stands almost 2 meters tall.

The scene of three adult figures and one baby is set in the artist's studio, with two incomplete nude studies in the background. The male nude figure is said to be of Picasso's friend Carlos Casagemas. Casagemas committed suicide after being rejected by his lover.

La Vie is a painting that has been discussed and interpreted by many art critics and writers, but Picasso never gave his own personal interpretation of the painting.

Pablo Picasso reworked the painting several times and did several studies for La Vie. It is the largest and one of the more complex works from the blue period.

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