Massacre in Korea by Pablo Picasso

Massacre in Korea

Massacre in Korea by Pablo Picasso

Painting Details

20th Century Artist: Pablo Picasso
Title and Year: Massacre in Korea, 1951
Size: 110cm x 210cm
Medium: Oil on Board
Collection: Musee National Picasso, Paris, France
Subject: Genre


Returning to the futile attempt to expose war and the war mongers who profit and delight from death to be the insanity that it is and they are, Picasso comes up with another great painting, in size and quality. It may not reach the highs that his Guernica masterpiece soared to, but it's still a wonderful painting. The insane psychopaths who rule over us and pretend to represent us are still using our sons and daughters to satisfy their blood lust, while artists still pretend that their art has some kind of influence over the clowns who divide us and kill us.

The imagery is inspired Francisco Goya's great work, The Third of May.

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