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Albert Oehlen Quotes

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famous artist Albert Oehlen Famous Albert Oehlen Quotes and Sayings

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Albert Oehlen
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous German artist Albert Oehlen
born Albert Oehlen - Krefeld, Germany - 17th of September, 1954 / Lives
Famous Albert Oehlen works include large abstract paintings, figurative works and computer influenced images. His brother is the artist Markus Oehlen.

"Albert Oehlen Quotes"

+ It starts when you’ll go shopping for art supplies. You make decisions, and they’re always the same, like the kind of brushes you buy. And if you’re forced to change something, it gives an insecurity to the work that is very helpful. It makes you find out what you really need.

+ There are two kinds of mistakes. The one mistake is the 'bad' picture. Of course, I've made pictures that I don't like or like less than others. The other mistake is the positive mistake where I say I can afford this mistake because this is not the meaning of the picture. I like these mistakes or these errors but with them I try to prove that the subject or the concept of the picture is on something else-in this case the mistakes are good.

+ I painted with acrylic paint, and the reason why I went to oil was mainly because I didn’t control it. I was looking for the insecurity of it. I mean, I might have found another reason later, but at that moment, the reason was I was looking for the insecurity.

+ I decided once that I shouldn't care about that because I'm not this kind of artist, like some Americans who have control over everything that happens with their work and place it in special collections. But I can't care about that, I cannot control it. I feel I have to make one good picture after another and this should be my work.

+ I have maybe two or three things on my mind, and some might be impossible. Some might be in contradiction to other orders, but I will still try them.

+ This is the main lie, the main misunderstanding, in art, that you can use it as something to pleasure the eye as an organ. This idea is really a thing that is around. Or the thought that you could enjoy art, really directly enjoy it.

+ I still believe in the unpredictable, in an artist who just has something and overwhelms you with something that you didn’t even ask for. I believe that in the sort of wrong moment there comes a time when someone who no one wanted, just does it.

+ The artist’s view does not have to make sense. At least not the sort of sense that can be easily expressed in words. There is no underlying conception or thematic arrangement. But to me, the selection is utterly plausible.

+ The idea of 'failure' is connected with the historical context. Art always seems to give answers in the historical perspective; glorifying or criticizing or simply advertising 'failure' is a strategy to oppose such concepts by blocking them and by not playing around with them and changing their meanings

+ Once the painting does not say anything, this does not mean that my general attitude towards clarity has changed, only the result turns out to be quite complex and no 'solution' in a folk-psychological sense has taken place. But the intention is the same and there is no reason to change it.

List of Albert Oehlen Quotes
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Famous German Artist Albert Oehlen Quotes and Art Sayings Page
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