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Helmut Newton Quotes

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photography quotes by Helmut Newton Helmut Newton Quotes and Comments

Inspirational Photography Quotes by the famous German born photographer Helmut Newton
born Helmut Neustädter - Berlin, Germany - October 31, 1920 / Died - USA - January 23, 2004
Helmut Newton lived in several countries, including Germany, Singapore, Australia, France and the United States. He is most famous for his stylized nudes and fashion photographs.
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"Helmut Newton Quotes"

+ I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person.

+ The photographs don't arouse me. All I can think about is the hard work it took to make them.

+ Some people's photography is an art. Not mine. Art is a dirty word in photography. All this fine art crap is killing it already.

+ The nudes and bondage shots were my way of going beyond my own bounds. Now that I've done that, I want to return to fashion with a fresh and mature eye and do more portraits.

+ I just had a bellyful and realized I had shot enough nudes to last a lifetime. In fact, although I have no idea of the number, I think I photographed too many naked women.

+ I now have a strong reaction against the exposed female body. Nudes will no longer be a subject for me.. though I might regret saying that the next time I see a beautiful girl on the beach.

+ The point of my photography has always been to challenge myself, to go a little further than my Germanic discipline and Teutonic nature would traditionally permit me to.

Helmut Newton Quotations

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