La Promenade - Claude Monet Paintings

La Promenade

La Promenade by Claude Monet

Painting Details

French Artist: Claude Monet
Title and Year: La Promenade (La Promenade, la femme à l'ombrelle, Argenteuil, Madame Monet and Her Son, Woman with a parasol), 1875
Size: 100cm x 81cm
Style or Art Movement: Impressionism
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Collection: National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. United States of America
Subject: Figures, Women


Monet painted several versions of the woman with parasol or umbrella. They are romanticized visions of a time gone by, even in the 1800s. It shows his wife Camille and son Jean outdoors.

Just four years after this romanticized painting his wife would be dead at the age of just 32. Monet tried to recapture this moment in 1886 when he painted the daughter of his mistress several times using much the same composition.

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