Camille Monet in Japanese Costume by Claude Monet

La Japonaise

La Japonaise by Claude Monet

Painting Details

French Artist: Claude Monet
Title and Year: Camille Monet in Japanese Costume (La Japonaise, Madame Monet en costume Japonais), 1876
Size: 231cm x 142cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Subject: Portraits, Women


Monet's wife is painted wearing a blonde wig and wrapped in a brilliant red kimono from Japan. She holds a Japanese fan and there are more hanging on the wall behind her. All things Japanese were very fashionable in Paris at the time Monet painted this image.

The Madame Monet in Japanese Costume painting hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, United States of America.

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