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Marino Marini Quotes

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famous artist Marino Marini Famous Marino Marini Quotes and Sayings

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Marino Marini
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous Italian painter and sculptor Marino Marini
born Marino Marini - Pistoia, Italy - 27th of February, 1901 / Died 6th of August, 1980
Famous Marino Marini paintings and sculpture include horses, usually with a rider sitting on them. Marini is probably best known as a sculptor but he is also a respected painter.

"Marino Marini Quotes"

+ Painting is a vision of color. Painting means entertaining the poetry of fact; and in the process of its making the fact becomes true. In color, I looked for the beginning of each new idea. Whether one should call it painting or drawing, I do not know.

+ The relationship between my painting and my sculpture is intimately connected. I would never begin a sculpture without first experiencing color.

+ Each work has its own space, which should neither be conceived as a sort of cage nor regarded as extending to infinity.

+ It is very difficult to explain how exactly a work of art is born. In fact, it is almost inexplicable, but at a certain moment an emotion falls upon an artist and for some artists this feeling arrives in a descriptive form, while for others in a world of color. In my case the emotion arrives in color. For example, I have a color that torments me.. let's take perhaps a red, a blue, a yellow - this color continually invades my mind until I begin to put this color onto paper and imagine this color becoming a drawing. Then, all of the sudden, this drawing begins to take form, the form, and this form becomes true form.

+ My discovery of Etruscan art was an extraordinary event. This is why my art lies on themes from the past, as the link between man and horse, rather than on modern subjects like the man/machine relationship.

Famous Marino Marini Quotes
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Famous Italian Artist Marino Marini Quotes Page
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