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famous artist Anselm Kiefer Famous Anselm Kiefer Quotes and Sayings

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Anselm Kiefer
Inspirational Art Quotes by the German expressionist painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer
born Anselm Kiefer - Germany - 8th of March, 1945 / Lives - Germany
Popular Anselm Kiefer works include large scale expressive paintings using a minimal palette and sculpture using materials like lead.

"Anselm Kiefer Quotes"

+ A painting is a conglomeration of failings. But, we can say this of life also.

+ I'm interested in reconstructing symbols. It's about connecting with an older knowledge and trying to discover continuities in why we search for heaven.

+ Finished is a difficult word. Sometimes I think a work is finished, and then five years later I start it again.

+ The reason for this project comes from my childhood, that is clear to me. I did not have any toys. So, I played in the bricks of ruined buildings around me and with which I built houses.

+ What interests me is the transformation, not the monument. I don't construct ruins, but I feel ruins are moments when things show themselves. A ruin is not a catastrophe. It is the moment when things can start again.

+ Nazi art is really horrible, it's boring, but the architecture of the 30s isn't specifically German, it was the architecture of its time.

+ The book, the idea of a book or the image of a book, is a symbol of learning, of transmitting knowledge.. I make my own books to find my way through the old stories.

+ Art is difficult. It's not entertainment. There are only a few people who can say something about art.. it's very restricted.

+ When knowledge becomes rigid, it stops living.

+ Buying art is not understanding art.

+ I believe art has to take responsibility but it should not give up being art.

+ The making of a painting is a reflection of your thought process but it also has a process of its own. Always, it is about somewhere I am trying to get to that I can never get to. This is the dilemma. But you also reach a place of transformation. The painting is transformed and you are transformed also. This is the exciting part.

Famous Anselm Kiefer Quotes
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