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famous Ken Done quotations
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous Australian Contemporary painter Ken Done
Born Kenneth Stephen Done - Australia - 29th of June, 1940 / Lives Australia
Popular Ken Done paintings include his Sydney Harbour paintings, interiors, reef paintings and Australian summers. See Ken Done Painting called the Little Studio.

Ken Done Quotes

  • "I opened my own gallery, in 1980, which I always thought was the most honest thing you could do. It's like a chef opening his restaurant."
    Ken Done
  • "I like working at home. And I think, if you're a very disciplined worker, which I am, you can work at home."
    Ken Done
  • "If I make a painting, it should be seen for what it's set out to do too. A lot of the things that I do, it's not all art. Some of it's design, some of it's illustration, some of it's graphics, some of it's concept, some of it's business and some of it, hopefully, is art."
    Ken Done
  • "Art shouldn't be something that you go quietly into an art gallery and dip your forelock and say 'I have to be very quiet, I'm in here amongst the art.' It's here, art's everywhere. It's how you use your eyes. It's about the enjoyment of visual things. And it's certainly not for any one group of people."
    Ken Done
  • "I've always thought that there shouldn't be any limit to the things that are well designed. And I think that people who consider that art should only be kept for art galleries and doesn't have a role in public life, I think that's too narrow."
    Ken Done
  • "In the times in which we live it is far too restricting to say that art can only be found in art galleries and not touch people's everyday lives.. I want to use any means that are necessary to communicate to people what I feel about things. There are no rules. And if there are rules, then you may as well break them."
    Ken Done
  • "I think we should have a new flag, whether its my design or not it doesn't matter but simply that it is a symbol of the maturity that the country had arrived at."
    Ken Done
  • "If I make a little birthday card that somebody's going to buy for a dollar, it's not the Sistine Chapel, but I hope it's a really good birthday card."
    Ken Done
  • "Wherever you are in the world, there's always something about the Australian light. There's something about the sharpness of it, something about the clarity of it, something about the colours of Australia. And, hopefully, something optimistic about Australian painting too."
    Ken Done
  • "Being an only child, I think you use drawing as a comfort in a sense because drawings can take you into all kinds of areas."
    Ken Done
  • "It seems acceptable if a gallery or institution makes money off the artist, but less acceptable that the artist makes it himself."
    Ken Done


  • "It's the reality of the marketplace - if you make some things and you put them in a shop and they are the right price and you treat people well, people buy more."
    Ken Done
  • "And it's much easier for me in other countries. I mean, I have very big exhibitions in Japan and London. My next exhibition in London will be the third one. I'm very well reviewed there as an artist. It's quite.. it's quite acceptable, I suppose and maybe I kind of brought it upon myself.. that the first things that people saw of mine sought a wide audience, and quite obviously so."
    Ken Done
  • "I was smart enough to know that I needed to make some money."
    Ken Done
  • "I think art's a fantastically honest business. You can tell a great deal about the artist by looking at their work or their attitude to things and it's quite blatant in my work of how much I love Australia or the environment in which I live."
    Ken Done
  • "I was having a colonoscopy and I was lying there, about to be examined by this particular doctor. Curtain opened and an Indian man came with a turban and he had a clipboard and he said, 'Mr Done?' And I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'Mr Ken Done?' I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'Are you the famous Mr Ken Done?' And I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'This would be a great honour.'"
    Ken Done
  • "I've always painted. I can't remember a time when I wasn't painting. Painting for me is just about communicating about what I feel about the world or the things around me and it's what I like to do best."
    Ken Done
  • "I was born in the western suburbs, and even as a boy, I mean, I would run to the top seat of the double-decker bus to get that first glimpse of Sydney Harbour. And no matter how wide Sydney becomes, it's still essentially about the harbour and about the harbour city. And the great thing about it, no matter where you live in Sydney, the beaches are free, so you can come to the harbour."
    Ken Done
  • "Towards the turn of the century, when I'd done the booklet for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, I realized I didn't want to do that any more. We'd done it and it certainly enabled us to have a nice lifestyle, but all I wanted to do was paint."
    Ken Done

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