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Damien Hirst Art

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british artist Damien Hirst Damien Hirst

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"As an artist you're looking for universal triggers. You want it both ways. You want it to have an immediate impact, and you want it to have deep meanings as well. I’m striving for both. But I hate it when people write things that sound like they've swallowed a f##king dictionary."
Damien Hirst

famous Damien Hirst artist Damien Hirst Artworks - Sculptures

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Damien Hirst life
Paintings and sculpture by the contemporary British artist Damien Hirst
born Damien Hirst - Bristol, United Kingdom - 7th of June, 1965 / Lives UK
Damien Hirst was one of the most prominent artists referred to as the "Young British Artists" or "YBAs". He is famous for creating controversies like putting dead animals in formaldehyde and presenting them as art. Hirst mostly explores the themes of life and death.

"Damien Hirst Art"

diamond skull by damien hirst
round painting by damien hirst
white unicorn by damien hirst
The Dream - 2008
Beautiful Helios Hysteria Intense Painting (with Extra Inner Beauty) by damien hirst
Aurothioglucose by damien hirst
shark by damien hirst

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Damien Hirst Sculpture and Art Works

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