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George Grosz Quotes

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famous artist George Grosz Famous George Grosz Quotes and Sayings

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George Grosz
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous German artist George Grosz
born Georg Ehrenfried Groß - Berlin, Germany - 26th of July, 1893 / Died 6th of July, 1959 West Berlin, Germany
Famous George Grosz works include scenes from the Weimar Republic period depicting prostitutes, soldiers, and fat businessmen. Grosz was involved in the Dada and New Objectivity art movements.

"George Grosz Quotes"

+ My aim is to be understood by everyone. I reject the 'depth' that people demand nowadays, into which you can never descend without a diving bell crammed with cabbalistic bullshit and intellectual metaphysics. This expressionistic anarchy has got to stop.. A day will come when the artist will no longer be this bohemian, puffed-up anarchist but a healthy man working in clarity within a collectivist society.

+ I've been trying to sell my soul to the devil for thirty years, and he hasn't even come around to make me a price.

+ The bourgeoisie and the petty bourgeoisie have armed themselves against the rising proletariat with, among other things, 'culture.'

+ I thought the war would never end. And perhaps it never did, either.

+ I see the future development of painting taking place in workshops.. not in any holy temple of the arts.

+ I had grown up in a humanist atmosphere, and war to me was never anything but horror, mutilation and senseless destruction, and I knew that many great and wise people felt the same way about it.

Famous George Grosz Quotes
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Famous German Artist George Grosz Quotes and Art Sayings Page
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