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Fernand Leger Quotes

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famous artist Fernand Leger Famous Fernand Leger Quotes and Sayings

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Fernand Leger
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous French artist Fernand Leger
born Joseph Fernand Henri Léger - Basse-Normandie, France - 4th of February, 1881 / Died 17th of August, 1955
Famous Fernand Leger paintings included very stylized works, with thick black outlines, and he often used bright primary colors.

"Fernand Leger Quotes"

+ Man needs colour to live; it's just as necessary an element as fire and water.

+ As long as the human body is considered a sentimental or expressive value in painting, no evolution in picture of people will be possible. Its development has been hindered by the domination of the subject over the ages.

+ Above all, it is a matter of loving art, not understanding it.

+ Enormous enlargements of an object or a fragment give it a personality it never had before, and in this way, it can become a vehicle of entirely new lyric and plastic power.

+ The object in modern painting must become the main character and overthrow the subject. If, in turn, the human form becomes an object, it can considerably liberate possibilities for the modern artist.

+ In contemporary modern painting, the object must become the leading character and dethrone the subject. Then, in turn, if the person, the face, and the human body become objects, the modern artist will be offered considerable freedom.

Famous Fernand Leger Quotes
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Famous French Artist Fernand Leger Quotes Page
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