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famous Cy Twombly quotations
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous American abstract painter Cy Twombly
Born Edwin Parker Twombly, Jr. - Lexington, Virginia, USA - 25th of April, 1928 / Died 5th of July, 2011 Italy
Famous Cy Twombly paintings include large expressive abstract works, scribbly grafitti-like paintings, and work that uses color sparingly. He also created a large body of sculptural works.

Cy Twombly Quotes

  • "I love my sculptures, and I was lucky I had them for fifty years because no one would look at them, and I really liked having them around."
    Cy Twombly
  • "My line is childlike but not childish. It is very difficult to fake.. to get that quality you need to project yourself into the child's line. It has to be felt."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I would have liked to be an architect but I'm not good at mathematics, so I don't have the proper background."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I work in waves, because I'm impatient. Because of a certain physicality, of lack of breath from standing. It has to be done and I do take liberties I wouldn't have taken before."
    Cy Twombly
  • "Landscape is one of my favourite things in the world. Any kind of landscape stimulates me."
    Cy Twombly
  • "Graffiti is linear and it's done with a pencil, and it's like writing on walls. But in my paintings it's more lyrical."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I never really separated painting and literature because I've always used reference."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I was always doing my own things. I always wondered why there are books, with photographs of all the artists of that period, and I was only in one! I thought: where was I? But I never was there. I was somewhere else."
    Cy Twombly
  • "When I work, I work very fast, but preparing to work can take any length of time."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I think space is for paintings, for looking at paintings. Paintings 'hold' in that kind of rectilinear space, which contains the energy of the works, more than curved walls with this up here and that down there."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I would've liked to have been Poussin, if I'd had a choice, in another time."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I sit for two or three hours and then in 15 minutes I can do a painting, but that's part of it. You have to get ready and decide to jump up and do it; you build yourself up psychologically, and so painting has no time for brush. Brush is boring, you give it and all of a sudden it's dry, you have to go. Before you cut the thought, you know?."
    Cy Twombly


  • "Paint is something that I use with my hands and do all those tactile things. I really don't like oil because you can't get back into it, or you make a mess. It's not my favourite thing.. pencil is more my medium than wet paint."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I swear if I had to do this over again, I would just do the paintings and never show them."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I used to change things in my early paintings to get the nuance or feeling I wanted, but now I plan everything in my head before I do it."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I look at a lot of artists. I'm inspired by - I suppose I shouldn't say 'inspired,' but it's not really influenced. I am inspired. Art comes from art."
    Cy Twombly
  • "Sculpture is a whole other state. And it's a building thing. Whereas the painting is more fusing.. fusing of ideas, fusing of feelings, fusing projected on atmosphere."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I'm not too sensitive to colour, not really. I don't use it with any nuance that I know of. The form of the thing is more interesting to me than colour. I take the color as primary.. like, if it's the woods, it's green, if it's blood, it's red, if it's earth, it's brown."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I'm not a professional painter, since I don't go to the studio and work 9 to 5 like a lot of artists. When something hits me, or I see a painting, or when I see something in nature, it gives me a thing and I go for it. But I don't care if I don't go for three or four months. You know, when it comes it comes."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I did them a certain scale so I could carry them around. Small, because I like to be able to look at them."
    Cy Twombly
  • "I don't follow too much what people say. I live in Gaeta or Lexington, Virginia, and I just have all the time to myself. I had years and years when no one could care less, so I was very well protected. I had my freedom and that was nice."
    Cy Twombly

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