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Australian Artists Famous Australian Artists - Painters, Sculptors & Printmakers

Famous quotes and profiles of famous Australian artists that are based in or born in the country of Australia. Artists include painters, photographers, sculptors, designers, printmakers, and more.
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* William Dobell quotes
+ A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing.
* Ken Done quotes
::: done quotes :::
+ Art shouldn't be something that you go quietly into an art gallery and dip your forelock and say 'I have to be very quiet, I'm in here amongst the art.' It's here, art's everywhere. It's how you use your eyes. It's about the enjoyment of visual things. And it's certainly not for any one group of people.
* Anne Geddes quotes
+ The trouble with flowers is that invariably, when I'm ready to photograph them, they are not in season.
David Larwill Quotes
::: Australian Painter :::
+ Make sure you love art and don't do it if you don't, because you'll be found out. Don't listen to the teachers. And feel it. Do it because you can't do anything else. Once you've decided, don't do anything else, because as someone once said, "art is long".
* Bill Leak quotes
+ Picasso wouldn't have churned out the same number of documented works of art as the days he lived on earth if he hadn't been obsessed. If Beethoven hadn't been obsessed with music he probably would have given the game away when he realised he was deaf.
* Michael Leunig quotes
+ For me, spirit is the impulse towards life, the Eros in a person leaping forward, whereas soul refers to something possibly long.. suffering, where meanings are made, where there is a sense of this gathering of perceptions, that our death is not the most important thing, nor our life.
* John Olsen quotes
::: olsen quotes :::
+ I think a single sentence by Van Gogh is better than the whole work of all the art critics and art historians put together.
* Jeffrey Smart quotes
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+ I like living in the 20th century.. to me the world has never been more beautiful. I am trying to paint the real world I live in, as beautifully as I can with my own eyes.
* Brett Whiteley profile
+ Art is the thrilling spark that beats death - thats all.

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Famous Australian Artists and Painters
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