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Bill Leak Quotes

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famous artist Bill Leak Famous Bill Leak Quotes and Sayings

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Bill Leak
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous Australian editorial cartoonist Bill Leak
born Bill Leak - Adelaide, South Australia - 1956 / Lives Australia
Famous Bill Leak works include editorial cartoons for "The Australian" newspaper. Bill Leak is also a painter and has been hung in the Archibald prize in Sydney.

"Bill Leak Quotes"

+ One of the little-known facts is that we all become our own caricatures. Our noses get bigger as we get older and so do our ears. And Bob Hawke did it with such incredible sort of speed that I had to look at new photos of him every couple of weeks to keep up..

+ If I think of all the people I admire throughout human history, the one thing they all have in common is obsession. If you weren't obsessed with something, be it painting, music, literature, science, or even tennis or boxing, you wouldn't bother with it, would you? At best, you'd dabble in it.

+ I think that most of the politicians.. They just run with it. I mean, they might find a cartoon insulting, but they find it infinitely more insulting if their week goes past and nobody does do a cartoon of them.

+ Obsession is a driving force, a gift rather than a malady. Obsessive people do the things they believe in, about which no one else can see the point. The obsessive makes the point and then the non-obsessive, healthy people realise why.

+ I always thought that happiness was not something you experienced, it was something you'd remember and you'd look back at your life and think, "Gee, I was really happy at that particular point," but, um, if you're prone to manic depression, and you suddenly think "Oh, gee, I'm having a good time, I'm really enjoying myself," you actually try to prevent that thought because then you think it's followed by a rush of terror at the depression you're going to sort of get the next day to sort of balance it up again.

+ People will remember cartoons that they saw 10 years ago but try and ask them to remember what was in the editorial next to it.

+ Picasso wouldn't have churned out the same number of documented works of art as the days he lived on earth if he hadn't been obsessed. If Beethoven hadn't been obsessed with music he probably would have given the game away when he realised he was deaf.

+ Sobriety is a difficult lifestyle to maintain but I'm doing...I'm doing very, very well.

+ I grew up wanting to be an artist, for some unknown reason. I wanted to have paintings up on walls. And, you know, I sort of struggled very hard to become an impoverished artist. And when I finally realised that goal, I thought, "Well, now I'm going to have to do something to earn a living."

Famous Bill Leak Quotes
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