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artist Balthus Balthus

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Balthus paintings Balthus Nude Girl Painting

Nu Au Foulard - Balthus Paintings
Painting Title: Nu Au Foulard 1982
Balthus (Balthazar Klossowski de Rola)
Famous French artists - Famous Nude Paintings - 20th Century painter

About the Nude Girl Painting
Balthus is most famous for portraying naked young girls in everyday settings. Here, the subject looks to be getting out of the shower and drying herself off with the towel that she is holding. Balthus was quoted as saying..
One of my art's main motifs is the mirror, invested with the mark of vanity as well as the highest ascendancy. To me, it often gives an echo of the spirit's profoundest varieties, in the style of Plato, whom I often read at Rossiniere. That's why my young girls often hold them, not only to look at themselves, which would be a mere sign of frivolity and my young girls are nor shameless Lolitas but to plumb the furthest depths of their underlying beings. Thus my paintings have many layers of meaning, vanishings in the canvas, so to speak, that duplicate its story, confessing their unfathomability. Balthus Quote

Balthus Paintings

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