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famous Balthus quotations
Inspirational Art Quotes by the Polish / French figurative artist Balthus
Born Balthazar Klossowski de Rola - Paris, France 29th of February, 1908 / Died - Rossiniere, Switzerland on the 18th of February, 2001
Popular Balthus works include stylized figurative works, portraits, and semi-erotic nudes (often young adolescent girls partially dressed or naked).
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Balthus Quotes

  • "The misinterpretation of my paintings resulted from this young girls issue. Because there are pedophiles, as they're called, whose feelings for children stem, undoubtedly, from a sick mind. Whereas for me, a young girl like Anna for instance, is untouchable."
  • "I will always find even the worst paintings that attempt some kind of representation better than the best invented paintings."
  • "The craft of painting has virtually disappeared. There is hardly anyone left who really possesses it. For evidence one has only to look at the painters of this century."
  • "Painting is a source of endless pleasure, but also of great anguish."
  • "I always feel the desire to look for the extraordinary in ordinary things; to suggest, not to impose, to leave always a slight touch of mystery in my paintings."
  • "The best way to begin is to say: Balthus is a painter of whom nothing is known. And now let us have a look at his paintings."
  • "One of my art's main motifs is the mirror, invested with the mark of vanity as well as the highest ascendancy. To me, it often gives an echo of the spirit's profoundest varieties, in the style of Plato, whom I often read at Rossiniere. That's why my young girls often hold them, not only to look at themselves, which would be a mere sign of frivolity and my young girls are not shameless Lolitas but to plumb the furthest depths of their underlying beings. Thus my paintings have many layers of meaning, vanishings in the canvas, so to speak, that duplicate its story, confessing their unfathomability."
  • "I had only planned to strike the gong violently in order to somehow shake people up and make them more aware. I think I succeeded."
  • "There is nothing riskier or more difficult than to render a bright gaze, the barely tactile fuzz of a cheek, the presence of a barely perceptible emotion like a heaviness mixed with lightness on a pair of lips. But the body and facial features were not my only focus. That which lay beneath their bodies and features, in their silence and darkness, was of equal importance."
  • "I refuse to confide and don't like it when people write about art."


  • "Painting what I experience, translating what I feel, is like a great liberation. But it is also work, self-examination, consciousness, criticism, struggle."
  • "Liberty is very dangerous. I'm the opposite of modern man, I'm a feudalist."
  • "I'm not an artist. I am an artisan. The difference is that the artists have ruined everything. They have poisoned painting with their pretentiousness."
  • "One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil."
  • "Painting is a language which cannot be replaced by another language. I don’t know what to say about what I paint, really."
  • "Unfortunately everyone is influenced by psychoanalysis today. Psychoanalysis has done a great deal of harm, I think."
  • "I'm not interested in the way adults look at things. Because in the end, children are the future."
  • "Painting is the passage from the chaos of the emotions to the order of the possible."

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