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August Macke Quotes

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famous artist August Macke Famous August Macke Quotes and Sayings

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August Macke
Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous German Der Blaue Reiter painter and printmaker August Macke
born August Macke - Meschede, Germany - 3rd of January, 1887 / Died 26th of September, 1914
Famous August Macke paintings went through a number of major changes, with the artist touching on expressionism, post impressionism, and fauvism. Macke was a member of the "Der Blaue Reiter" or "The Blue Rider" group of artists.

"August Macke Quotes"

+ What I most cherish is the observation of the movement of colors. Only in this have I found the laws of those simultaneous and complementary color contrasts that nourish the actual rhythm of my vision. In this I find the actual essence, an essence which is not born out of an a priori system or theory.

+ I am interested in the creation of space through colour contrasts rather than through simple shading of light and dark.

+ The most important thing for me is the direct observation of nature in its light-filled existence.

Famous August Macke Quotes
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Famous German Artists August Macke Quotes Page
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