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Famous Male Portrait Paintings
Famous Male Portrait Paintings
Browse paintings and art works by famous artists, categorized by subject matter. The Male Portraits category includes paintings of men, boys, and guys.
See also : Portraits of Women - Self Portraits

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Famous Male Portrait Paintings Famous Male Portrait Paintings

Self Portrait - 1973
Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X - 1953
Study for a Portrait of Van Gogh V - 1957
Head III - 1961
Triptych - 1973
Study for a Portrait of John Edwards - 1985
Balthus Self Portrait Painting
Self Portrait Basquiat Painting
Untitled Basquiat Painting
The Strapper Painting
Portrait of an Artist - Joshua Smith Painting
Study for Wangi Boy Painting
self portrait - Joshua Smith Painting
dobell self portrait
Lucian Freud - Gaz - Portrait painting
Lucian Freud - Gaz - Portrait painting
grtesque profile - Leonardo da Vinci
Vitruvian man - Leonardo da Vinci
Diego Frida Kahlo Painting
Self Portrait painting by Henri Matisse
Self Portrait
Self Portrait - 1907
Death of Casagemas - 1901
Portrait of Ambroise Vollard - 1910
Pierrot - 1918
Vincent van Gogh - "Self Portrait" - 1889
Vincent van Gogh - "Portrait of Joseph Roulin" - 1888
Vincent van Gogh - "The Zouave" - 1888
Andy Warhol - "Jean Michel Basquiat" - 1984
Andy Warhol - "dennis hopper" - 1971
Andy Warhol - "Leo Castelli" - 1975
Andy Warhol - "Self Portrait"
Andy Warhol - "Self Portrait"
Andy Warhol - "Self Portrait"
Andy Warhol - "Self-Portrait with Camouflage"
Andy Warhol - "Self Portrait"
Andy Warhol - "Self-Portrait with Camouflage" - 1986
Andy Warhol - "Mick Jagger"
Andy Warhol - "Mick Jagger" 1975/76
Brett Whiteley - "Remembering Lao Tse" - 1967
Brett Whiteley - "Self Portrait in the Studio" - 1976
Brett Whiteley - Head of Christie - 1964
Art, Life and the Other Thing - brett whiteley painting

All man portrait pictures for educational purposes only.
Contact the estate of the artist for copyright information.


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Henri Matisse
Profile of the famous French artist, Henri Matisse.
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