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Tarkan Quotes

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music quotes by Tarkan Tarkan Quotes and Comments - Turkish Pop Singer

Inspirational Quotes by the famous Turkish pop singer Tarkan
born Tarkan Tevetoglu - Germany - October 17, 1972 / Lives Turkey
Popular Tarkan albums include "Dudu", "Karma" & "Ölürüm Sana"
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"Tarkan Quotes"

+ Dancing and singing were always like games to me. I sang constantly.

+ I believe, first of all, that we as human beings have to face our problems while discovering the hidden corners of our inner existence and try to resolve them as much as possible

+ It's the kisses that are universal.

+ ..I studied music. And I went to a Turkish classical music school and studied music for three years. And then I just realized that I can't do anything else but singing music. And everything just happened naturally.

+ Moving back to Turkey from Germany was the turning point of my life.

+ We need to know ourselves better so that we can realize what we really want in our life. I think that the first condition for a person to be in a successful relationship is to be happy with the person he or she is, in other words to love themselves.

+ I had always dreamed of being involved in a job where I could do anything related to animals and nature. A vet maybe. But later I came to understand that it was just a temporary interest and that music was more important to me.

Tarkan Quotations

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