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Robert Smith Quotes

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music quotes by Robert Smith Robert Smith Quotes and Comments - The Cure (lead singer)

Inspirational Quotes by the English lead singer of the music group, The Cure Robert Smith
born Robert James Smith - United Kingdom - April 21, 1959 / Lives UK
Popular albums from The Cure include "The Head on the Door", "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" & "Bloodflowers"
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"Robert Smith Quotes"

+ My passion for what I do with the Cure is undiminished, but it doesn't take up all of my life as it did 20 years ago.

+ The only time I feel genuinely young is when I am going out on stage and I can just forget about the rest of the world.

+ If you feel like it, do it. Just say yes.

+ I'm much more myself, much more comfortable with who I really am. It's very disappointing for people. I don't walk around all day thinking about french romantic poetry and writing songs. It's a very small part of my life.

+ I can literally walk out the front door now and not come back. I don't have anything to tie me down. In that sense mentally, I don't lead a kind of adult life.

+ That's the difficulty of writing songs that are a bit depressing. People think you're like that all the time, but I don't think that. I just usually write when I'm depressed.

+ I've never wanted a group to ever fall out about money. It's not important. We earn far more than we should anyway.

Robert Smith Quotations (The Cure)

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