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Peter Garrett Quotes

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music quotes by Robert Smith Peter Garrett Quotes and Comments - Midnight Oil (lead singer)

Inspirational Quotes by the Australian lead singer of the music group, Midnight Oil Peter Garrett
born Peter Garrett - Australia - April 16, 1953 / Lives Australia
Popular albums from Midnight Oil include "Place without a Postcard", "Diesel and Dust" & "Blue Sky Mining". Peter Garrett is now an Australian politician of the Australian Labour Party (ALP) and has strong opinions on the environment.
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"Peter Garrett Quotes"

+ Climate change will have a significant impact on the environment and on social well-being if the current projections continue through this century.

+ The best that the majority of working contemporary artists can hope for is a paltry, uneven return for their creative effort.

+ Make no mistake this is one of the hardest games in town. The odds of enduring financial success for an artist working in any field in Australia are longer than on a Melbourne Cup outsider.

+ Although my own experience has been with popular music and we were eventually able to build a sustainable career, nothing comes easily in the performing arts.

+ Some people are born with the necessary gift, and some work hard to build on the few gifts they have.

+ The infamous quote of Hobbes to the effect that life is “brutish, nasty and short” accurately describes the career prospects for many performing and visual artists.

+ I happen to think that early exposure to the Arts, particularly through some kind of Arts education but also exposure in the home and the community can instil in a young person an enthusiasm for the Arts, and a greater sense of cultural, societal roots ; and , dare I say, a broader cultural understanding and education.

+ Too often in politics, there are fallacious either/or arguments put up as a justification or an excuse for an action or view which is skewed in such a way as too suggest that there is only one acceptable choice.

Peter Garrett Quotations (Midnight Oil)

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