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Nick Cave Quotes

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music quotes by Nick Cave Nick Cave Quotes and Comments

Inspirational Quotes by the Australian born singer and song writer Nick Cave
born Nicholas Edward Cave - Australia - Sept22, 1957 / Lives Europe
Popular Nick Cave albums (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) include "The Boatman's Call", "The Good Son", "Let Love In" & "Murder Ballads"
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"Nick Cave Quotes"

+ I don't go into the writing process with any idea of what's going to come out and I don't have much control over what does. In a way, I never really expect them to see the light of day or certainly to ever get recorded. I certainly don't sit down to write lyrics with any desire to reveal anything. It's not what I'm trying to do.

+ It's watching ##cking TV constantly that makes dysfunctional people.

+ I write a lot.. and very often I write a couple of lines that are particularly revealing in some kind of way. And then as a few more lines get added and a piece gets added, eventually the song pretty much takes over and you can't really find a way to change those things.

+ There are no voices in the back of my mind saying "You really could have done this better".

+ What always happens with The Bad Seeds, once we get hold of an idea we really run with it. We kind of ran with this beyond reason, in a way. It's a monstrous thing in the end, and in my view quite unlistenable, but at the same time I guess it's kind of a nice record to have. (talking of the Murder Ballads album).

+ We wanted to create a music that was raw and driving and supercharged using the gospel singers to add a lightness and levity to the whole thing.

Nicholas Cave Quotations

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