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Kurt Cobain Quotes

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famous singer Kurt Cobain Famous Kurt Cobain Quotes and Sayings

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Kurt Cobain
Inspirational Quotes by the American leader singer of the Nirvana band Kurt Cobain
born Kurt Donald Cobain - Washington, USA - 20th of February, 1967 / Died 5th of April, 1994
Popular Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) albums include "Nevermind", "In Utero", "MTV Unplugged in New York", "Bleach" and "Incesticide"

"Kurt Cobain Quotes"

+ Why in the hell do journalists insist on coming up with a second rate freudian evaluation on my lyrics when 90 percent of the time they've transcribed the lyrics incorrectly?

+ I mean I like to be passionate and sincere but I also like to have fun and act like a dork. Geeks unite.

+ Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.

+ I knew I was different. I thought that I might be gay or something because I couldn't identify with any of the guys at all. None of them liked art or music, they just wanted to fight and get laid. It was many years ago but it gave me this real hatred for the average American macho male.

+ I'm a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am.

+ Expression and the right to express is vital, anyone can be artistic.

+ To be positive at all times is to ignore all that is important, sacred or valuable. To be negative at all times is to be threatened by ridiculousness and instant discredibility.

+ I use bits and pieces of others personalities to form my own.

Famous Kurt Cobain Quotes

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Nirvana's Kurt Cobain Quotes Page - Grunge
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