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Eddie Vedder Quotes

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famous singer Eddie Vedder Famous Eddie Vedder Quotes and Sayings

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pearl jam eddie vedder
Inspirational Quotes by the American leader singer of the Pearl Jam band Eddie Vedder
born Edward Louis Severson III - Illinois, USA - 23rd of December, 1964 / Lives USA
Popular Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) albums include "Ten", "Vitalogy", "No Code", "Riot Act", "Pearl Jam" and "Binaural"

"Eddie Vedder Quotes"

+ I felt that with any more popularity we were going to be crushed, or our heads were going to pop like grapes. I went through this fxxxing yearlong period where I wore helmets all the time. It was like army helmets that I'd find, or just like whatever.

+ I feel like a dock worker. I want to stay in connection with my dock-worker side, 'cause that's how I grew up.. I'm not ready to be that guy who can meet with world leaders and all that.

+ It's an art to live with pain.. mix the light into gray.

+ I don't need drugs to make my life tragic.

+ One thing I don't feel is separation from the crowd. I don't feel like we're speaking from a platform, I feel like we are communicating on the same level.

+ A lot of the songs I wrote eight versions until I got the right one, or until it was like up to the standards of what the Earth's atmosphere is demanding for music. And it needed that, or I'd figure out after eight, nine or eleven drafts that the first one was actually the one.

+ Let me be as weird as I fxxxin' like, It's my fxxxin' life.

+ You kill yourself and you make a big old sacrifice and try to get your revenge. That all you're gonna end up with is a paragraph in a newspaper. In the end, it does nothing. Nothing changes. The world goes on and you're gone. The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself. (Talking about suicide)

Famous Eddie Vedder Quotes

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Pearl Jam 's Eddie Vedder Quotes Page - Grunge
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