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Tom Welling Quotes

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famous actor Tom Welling Tom Welling Quotes and Sayings

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Tom Welling quotes
Inspirational Quotes by the famous American actor Tom Welling
born Thomas John Patrick Welling - 26th of April, 1977, New York, United States / Lives United States of America
Tom Welling is most famous for his role as Clark Kent on the popular Smallville television series that shows the life of Superman as a teenager.

"Tom Welling Quotes"
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+ You throw yourself out there and you've got to figure some things out on your own. You've got a million people telling you different things, but you really have to find the truth in yourself.

+ Acting is much better than modeling. It's less about the surface and more about what you can actually do. Besides, I wasn't a very good model.. I didn't get that much work!

+ You know one of the things about going from modeling to acting is it's so much more fulfilling. With modeling, you get your picture taken, which is great, good for you, you know? But in acting, you're able to reach in and show a little bit more of yourself.

+ Fame? What is fame. I'm not sure what fame is. Fame may be attention. I guess that's all it really is, attention. I'm separated from a lot of it, seeing how I'm up in Vancouver and I'm shooting all the time. It's something that's out of my control. It's something I appreciate and that I respect, but it's not necessarily something that I concentrate on or try to maintain.

+ I think the success of Smallville has a lot to do with a number of factors. We've got a great cast. We've got a great storyline. We've got stories to do every week. So it's a community effort there.

Famous Tom Welling Quotes

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Smallville Actor Tom Welling Quotes Page
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