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Naked Chef Jamie Oliver Quotes

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famous chef Jamie Oliver Jamie Oliver Quotes and Sayings

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Jamie Oliver
Inspirational Quotes by the famous British chef and television presenter Jamie Oliver
born James Trevor Oliver - 27th of May, 1975, Essex, UK / Lives United Kingdom
Chef Jamie Oliver has a restaurant in London called Fifteen, named after the "Jamie's Kitchen" television series that followed the training of fifteen young unemployed people. "The Naked Chef" has also published several best selling food and recipe books.

"Jamie Oliver Quotes"
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+ I really, really do generally, first and foremost, make creative decisions based on what feels right, and anything monetary follows if it’s good, I believe.

+ With Britain consuming more processed food than the rest of Europe put together, it’s a sad fact that most people just aren’t confident enough to cook any more.

+ It's my second year of growing my vegetable patch and I love it. That has given me such a lot of inspiration, a different inspiration than I had from walking around a market or meeting beautiful producers, or having parties or occasions and stuff. I think inspiration is around every corner, I think, and you have to just be a sponge.

+ I am a total liability and would be absolutely no good for running any department in government.
I get in press conferences and start saying f$#k all over the place.

+ It's funny, the other day.. honest truth, right.. my wife accused me of having an affair, but actually she wasn’t accusing me of having an affair with another woman, or a man or an animal, she was accusing me of having an affair with my garden.

Famous Jamie Oliver Quotes

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The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver Quotes Page
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