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Alphabetical listing of all contemporary painters listed on the Art Quotes Directory. Includes all artists and painters listed alphabetically.

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american artist shelley laffal American painter Laffal, Shelley -Large scale contemporary oil portraits for commission & emotionally charged figurative landcsapes.
Contemporary American painter Contemporary American painter Lam, Dr Sam - US based artist showing a variety of oil paintings, photography and illustrations.
realist artist realist artist Laurence, Geoffrey - Contemporary American realist painter of nudes, portraits, and still life paintings.
Expressive artist Expressive artist L'etoile, Martine - Expressive American artist using oil & wax to produce semi-abstract emotional paintings.
Realist Artist Realist Artist Levin, Dana - Classical realist painter of still lifes, figures, & interiors. With an atelier in Pawtucket & The New School of Classical Art.
Phil Levine American artist - painter Levine, Phil - Lively impressions of the figure and the city.
Art of Andrew Lewandowski, ofm andrew lewandowski Lewandowski, Andrew - Raw expressive art of an outsider artist from the United States.
contemporary artist contemporary artist Lorent, Krzis - French artist of the figure, nudes & portraits with a gallery of contemporary paintings online.
Contemporary Ukrainian artist with a selection of ink drawings and art resources online. galina lukshina Ukrainian artist - painter Lukshina, Galina - Contemporary Ukrainian artist with a selection of ink drawings and art resources online.
contemporary artist american artist Lynch, Daniel - Dedication to the memory of Dan Lynch, with details of the Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Fund.

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contemporary italian artist Alberto Sughi
Alberto Sughi
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Ian Darragh
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Daniel Lynch
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