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Includes links to Fine International Artists categorized by Country. All artists are professional fine artists working Internationally. Countries are categorized alphabetically.

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Artist and Painters by Country Artist and Painters by Country

artists from australia - australian artists Australia
Austrian artists - Austria painters Austria
brazilian artists - brazil painters Brazil
artists from Canada - Canadian artists Canada
cypriot artists - cyprus painters Cyprus
artists from the czech republic Czech Republic
artists from Denmark - Danish Painters Denmark
french artists - france painters France
georgian artists - georgia painters Georgia
greek artists - greece painters Greece
irish artists - ireland painters Ireland
Israeli artists - Israel painters Israel
artists from Italy - Italian artists Italy
japanese artists - japan painters Japan
latvian artists - latvia painters Latvia

mexican artists - mexico painters Mexico
dutch artists - netherlands painters Netherlands
artists from New Zealand - New Zealander artists and painters New Zealand
artists from pakistan - pakastani artists Pakistan
polish artists - poland painters Poland
Russian artists - Russia painters Russia
artists from scotland - Scottish artists and painters Scotland
artists from south africa - South African artists and painters South Africa
artists from Spain - Spanish artists Spain
Swedish artists - Sweden painters Sweden
Swiss artists - Switzerland painters Switzerland
artists from turkey - turkish artists Turkey
artists from ukraine - ukrainian artists Ukraine
artists from america - american artists USA
artists from the united kingdom - british artists United Kingdom

Featured World Artists by Country
Art of Andrew Lewandowski, ofm andrew lewandowski Lewandowski, Andrew - Raw expressive art of an outsider artist from the United States.
Australian artist figurative paintings Magerl, Caroline - Expressionist figurative artist and illustrator working in Australia.
contemporary italian artist Alberto Sughi contemporary italian artist painter Sughi, Alberto - Oils and Temperas of Italian leading contemporary artist Alberto Sughi.

International Fine Artists
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contemporary italian artist Alberto Sughi
Alberto Sughi
Expressive Italian artist

paintings, drawings and prints
Ian Darragh
Figurative UK artist

contemporary artist
Daniel Lynch
Scholarship & dedication

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