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Includes links to Fine Contemporary Artists Internationally. Contemporary artists are professional fine artists working in a contemporary style.

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Premium Contemporary Artists Listings
thomas andersen paintings thomas andersen paintings Andersen, Thomas - Contemporary Danish Australian artist with paintings, artist prints & sculpture online.
swedish artist swedish artist Andre, Hans - Paintings with a focus on social and political issues by a contemporary Swedish artist.
paul andrus landscapes American landscapes Andrus, Paul - Contemporary landscape and cityscape paintings by an American artist.
Dion Archibald - Contemporary Australian Artist / Painter Australian artist - painter Archibald, Dion - Contemporary Australian figurative painter; landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and more..
American Artist American Artist Arnold, Michael - Original signed acrylic paintings on canvas in a variety of styles and themes.
Avendano, Pablo - Semi figurative contemporary Spanish artist/painter. Spanish artist - painter Avendano, Pablo - Semi figurative contemporary Spanish artist/painter.
american American Bellows, Kathleen - San Diego artist portrays women and girls through her intensely colorful acrylic painting.
canadian artist canadian artist Blatt, Gloria - Contemporary Canadian artist offering landscapes, cityscapes, abstract & floral paintings.
american landscapes american landscapes Bleasdell, Steve - Landscape paintings with a dose of abstraction by a contemporary Californian artist.
contemporay canadian painter francine bradette Bradette, Francine - Original paintings, art prints & children's books by a contemporary Canadian artist.
contemporary irish artist contemporary irish artist Catney, Graham - Work of an award winning Northern Irish artist with advice about lithographic techniques.
artist marika choma marika choma Choma, Marika - Virtual online exhibition of original, non-representational modern paintings and drawings.
Collins, Carson - Contemporary painter working with the ocean and abstraction. American artist - American painter Collins, Carson - Contemporary painter working with the ocean and abstraction.
contemporary french artist contemporary french artist Cornee, Patrick - Contemporary paintings of animals, people, abstraction, and still lifes by a French artist.
Contemporary Artist Contemporary Artist Donahue, Matt - American contemporary artist attempting to paint a reflection of human emotions & experience.
Australian artist australian artist Dooney, Hazel - Australian based fine artist with a selection of contemporary figurative works online.
Alex duMauriee Art Studio 145 Alex duMauriee Art Studio 145 duMauriee, Alex - Original oil paintings that include floral, landscape, animal, figurative, and mixed media works.
belinda eaton painter figurative artist Eaton, Belinda - Contemporary figurative painter from the United Kingdom.
Contemporary Artist Contemporary Artist Fahy, Bridget - Contemporary Irish artist living in Cyprus.
lea goldman paintings American figurative painter Goldman, Lea - Contemporary paintings that include still lifes, floral works and the human figure.
art treasures of america contemporary artist Gough, Mary Ann - Contemporary paintings of landscapes, wildlife, & rainforests by an American artist.
Austrian Painter Austrian Painter Guglielmi, Zoe - Gallery of an Austrian artist that graduated from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in Austria.
contemporary artist contemporary artist Guedel, Kaloust - Contemporary American artist working primarily in mixed medium to create figurative works.
australian painter australian painter Hart, Julie - Artist captures the essence of the Australian outback with her landscapes and bush florals.
Commissioned Home and Garden portraits contemporary canadian painter Hollier, Gigi -Up close and personal brightly colored flowers + home & garden portraits in mixed media.
expressionist paintings expressionist paintings Ingles, Julianne - Expressionist paintings of the figure in oils and acrylics by a Mexican artist.
figurative artist figurative artist Insogna, Elizabeth - Contemporary figurative artist displaying a selection of paintings & drawings online.
contemporary japanese artist contemporary japanese artist Kato, Fumihiro - Contemporary Japanese artist with a portfolio of paintings & artist prints online.
Gallery of Ann Caldwell Kelly American painter ann kelly Kelly, Ann Caldwell - Paintings, landscapes, portraits in a variety of media, predominantly pastel & watercolor.
american artist shelley laffal American painter Laffal, Shelley -Large scale contemporary oil portraits for commission & emotionally charged figurative landcsapes.
contemporary artist contemporary artist Lorent, Krzis - French artist of the figure, nudes & portraits with a gallery of contemporary paintings online.
contemporary artist american artist Lynch, Daniel - Dedication to the memory of Dan Lynch, with details of the Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Fund.
Martins, Raquel - Figure paintings ranging from a nearly abstract suggestion of form to a stylized graphic treatment. Raquel Martins Martins, Raquel - Figure paintings ranging from a nearly abstract suggestion of form to a stylized graphic treatment.
israeli artist israeli artist Mogilner, Emilio - Painter & Sculptor of the 1 Breath Time art movement with figurative & semi-abstract paintings.
portrait artist american Nolasco, Cristopher - Filipino-American contemporary portrait artist using a loose realist style.
Leith O'Malley - Figurative Australian artist working in a variety of mediums, including oils, pastels, & digital. Australian artist - painter O'Malley, Leith - Figurative Australian artist working in a variety of mediums, including oils, pastels, & digital.
latvian artist latvian artist Priedite, Iveta - Latvian painter using symbolism & abstraction to create contemporary works of art.
contemporary paintings contemporary American Artist Rabodzeenko, Andrei - Contemporary paintings & artist's books by a painter, sculptor, poet & filmmaker
paintings and writings American contemporary painter Ragsdale, Jeanna - Art & writing, recent paintings, photos & drawings by a contemporary artist.
american artist American artist Reece, Parks - Contemporary American painter & lithographer with an online portfolio of original art & prints.
contemporay fine artist fine artist Regehr, Duncan - Royal Canadian artist with a wide selection of figurative oil paintings & intricate drawings.
israeli artist israeli artist Sade, Esther - Gallery of landscape, fantasy, figurative, floral & more, in triptych & diptych paintings.
Skog, Wendy - Abstract and contemporary still lifes and landscapes by Canadian artist. Skog, Wendy - Abstract Skog, Wendy - Abstract and contemporary still lifes and landscapes by Canadian artist.
art on my walls uk artist Smith, Martin - Original modern, contemporary, and abstract paintings with art commissions available.
michael sprouse art contemporary artist Sprouse, Michael - American artist painting contemporary portraits of mostly women.
contemporary italian artist Alberto Sughi contemporary italian artist painter Sughi, Alberto - Oils and Temperas of Italian leading contemporary artist Alberto Sughi.
robert terrell Terrell, Robert - Contemporary relief paintings and wall sculptures online.
contemporary australian artist contemporary australian artist Threadgold, Mark - Contemporary Australian artist with a selection of paintings online.
Contemporary Paintings Contemporary Paintings Tobon, Maite - Original acrylic on canvas paintings inspired by Colombian and African Cultures.
australian artist australian artist Wake, Chris - Adelaide Hills artist with paintings of odd characters that include jugglers, acrobats & magicians.
British Figurative artist British Figurative artist Warner, Cliff - Expressions of contemporay figurative, landscape and abstract painting.
Contemporary Figurative Art Contemporary Figurative Art Warner, Cliff - Contemporary figurative art, with painting & drawing of the figure in various styles.
Australian artist australian artist White, Anthony - Contemporary Australian fine artist known for his money series of paintings.
contemporary artist contemporary artist Yano, Ray - Contemporary American artist in California showing landscape and seascape oil paintings.
original affordable art modern pop art You are Art - Personalised pop art for modern & contemporary interior design, specialising in portraits.
Regular Contemporary Artist Listings


  • Chubar, Alexander - Very distinct, brightly coloured figurative paintings and drawings.
  • de Villiers, Antoine - Figurative paintings and drawings of the nude, abstracts, and a portfolio of photography.
  • Kostabi, Mark - Fascinating contemporary artist with a healthy self image. Interesting articles online too..
  • Kulenovic, Maya -Intense & contemplative, dark realist paintings about death, war & the fragility of culture.
  • Myazin, Vasiliy - Russian born American artist with a selection of contemporary figurative paintings.
  • Saka, Gizem - Contemporary Turkish figurative painter of people and places.
  • Silus, Rebecca - Contemporary American painter of urban themes and landscapes.


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