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Please feel free to contact Art Quotes dot net for any reason. Any comments, suggestions, or questions are very welcome. (Please read the FAQ below to make sure we have not answered your question already).

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1) Can you identify a painting I have that my grandmother left me and I think could be valuable?

Answer) Sorry, there's just too many artists in the world to know them all.. and it's not an area we know much about. Try doing a search on Google (see more searching tips here) or try getting in contact with some local galleries in your area.

FAQ 2) I'm looking for a quote by someone I cant remember and it goes something like this.. "etc,etc.." ..

Answer) All the famous art quotes we have are listed here in Famous Quotes. You could also do a search for a particular quote on by using the Google Search function. It can search either the art quotes site or the entire Internet.

FAQ 3) I'm a super cool artist painting full time and I would like to be profiled on How do I do it?

Answer) Because there are so many "super cool artists" in this world, there may be quite a wait as we only add one new fine artist profile each month. Still, send in you website address and a quick sentence about where you're from and what you do and we may add you. DO NOT send attachments with examples of your paintings (or anything else) as they are immediately deleted and I wont see them.

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