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fine art news Art News - Friday, July 30
::: Feature Article :::
+New “anti-terrorist” display case for the Mona Lisa
The Art Newspaper - UK
Leonardo’s most celebrated work, the Mona Lisa, has deteriorated so significantly over the last year that conservation experts at the Louvre have ordered urgent analysis of its condition, to be carried out early next year when the work is removed from its current display case and installed in a new climate-controlled vitrine. It will then be moved to a new, specially-designed gallery as part of a E2.3 million project paid for by the Japanese company, Nippon TV. Although this project was announced a few years ago, it is finally coming to fruition.

+Subway art mistaken for flyposting
The Guardian - UK
Despite possessing a shadowy and strangely scented mystique that is all their own, subways are seldom held to be the most beautiful features of the urban landscape.
+Self-portrait scores $100,000 art prize
ABC News - Australia
A relatively unknown artist from Melbourne has won Australia's richest art prize.
Prudence Flint has been announced as the winner of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, collecting $100,000 prize money.
+Which label fits better: 'Arab art' or simply 'art'?
MARKIYYA, SYRIA – A remote hillside in the coastal region of Lattakia isn't the most conventional of art studios. Nor the most comfortable. As the midday heat shimmers and dust swirls, apprentices in surgical masks and straw hats take turns swinging hammers at a block of marble.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Early Andy Warhol Works Surprise With Charm - USA
When he was a sickly, shy mama's boy, taunted by schoolmates in his working-class neighbourhood of Pittsburgh, Andrew Warhola could not have predicted the vastly more than 15 minutes of fame that would be his.

fine art news Art News - Friday, July 16
::: Feature Article :::
+Casino loan earns Boston unwelcome attention
The Art Newspaper - UK
The climate of reform that swept the corporate world in the wake of the Enron and other corporate scandals is spreading to the not-for-profit sector, with Congress and State attorneys general seeking stiffer legislation regulating charities.

+Brutal truth of Cook's final minutes
The Guardian - UK
The unexpurgated version of the death of Captain Cook, presenting a more realistic version than the familiar heroic scene, has been rediscovered more than 220 years after the deaths of both the explorer and the artist.

+Visual arts: Tribute to philanthropy and first-rate art
Financial Times - UK
The Foundling Museum, which re-opened in June after refurbishment, is a living link with the Foundling Hospital, an 18th-century initiative that brought the worlds of philanthropy, art and music together to create a unique institution dedicated to the care of children
+The Top Ten
ArtNews Online
A top collector should have three things, says a knowledgeable observer of the things top collectors should have:
1. Deep pockets.
2. Big closets.
3. No memory.
Deep pockets? Big closets? That’s easy. How come no memory?

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Mexican art, hold the clichés
CSMonitor - USA
If it's Mexican art, it must depict strong, noble peasants at work in the fields. Or, perhaps Australian art - surely, that will mean Aboriginal handiwork. Native American art means clay pots and elegant rugs. Right?


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